Boston: City of Champions - Championship Years with Team Logos (2002-2011)

This page is where we will give tribute to great Boston sports athletes.  I decided to create this page after the Red Sox had both Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek retire in the same week before the 2012 season started.. and they were two Red Sox legends of the modern era.  Then yesterday, the Sox traded away another Boston sports star in Kevin Youkilis.  It was very tough to see them go, as it has always been when losing a true leader of one of our teams.

After a decade of domination by Boston sports teams, they’re all restructuring and losing some key players at the same time.  The Celtics’s Big 3, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen, may now get broken up after a great run this year in which they should’ve made it to the NBA Finals even though nobody gave them a chance halfway through the season.  Then there’s the Bruins’ top goalie Tim Thomas, who is saying he will take the next season off and is speculated not to return to the Bruins.  He was the reason why the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011 with a record-setting playoff performance.  As for the Patriots, I definitely don’t look forward to the day when quarterback Tom Brady retires as he has been the biggest and most consistent contributor to the team’s success.  So, to make us feel better as we lose all of these great Boston sports legends, and to relive the glory, we pay homage to these players here.

To see the tribute pages, use the “Tributes” drop-down menu at the top of this blog.

Boston: City of Champions - Championship Team Posters (2005: Patriots, 2007: Red Sox, 2008: Celtics, 2011: Bruins)

Boston Sports Legends (Collage)


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  1. Like the blog, maybe we can help promote one another and/or combine our powers, email me when you get a change……oh & what’s deal with pic at bottom of this page w Bruins, Pats, Celts & B’s it’s all warped? Do you have the original image and/or a link to it b/c seems it would be a great pic, thanks!

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