Red Sox are 2013 World Series Champions!!!!

Boston Red Sox are 2013 World Series Champions!

Boston Red Sox are the 2013 World Series Champions!

Last night, in Game 6 of the 2013 World Series, the Boston Red Sox clinched their third title in nine years by a score of 6-1!  They have finally reach the end of the “Road to Redemption.”  After losing 93 games and finishing in last place last season and having extremely low expectations, this has been a historic turnaround.  With 108 total wins and the championship, they literally went from worst to first in one year. They are only the second team ever to have done that!  Just having a season above .500 would’ve been satisfactory, or making it to the postseason as a wild card.  But no, this was a team of destiny.  Everything and everyone came together perfectly, and it all culminated last night with the Red Sox winning a World Series at home in Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark in the country, for the first time since 1918!  They have now become the first team this century – even this millennium – to have won three titles!

Red Sox closer Koji Uehara gets a strikeout to win 2013 2013 World Series in Game 6! (10/30/13)

Red Sox closer Koji Uehara gets a strikeout to win 2013 World Series!

There were so many highlights and every player has their fingerprints on this championship.  Even Stephen Drew came up big with a solo home run last night.  With a historically bad batting average (.096), and this being only his fifth hit in 52 postseason at bats, could it get any more perfect?  How about David Ortiz winning the MVP award and truly earning it?  He batted .688 on 11 of 16 in the World Series and carried the team throughout the playoffs with five home runs and 13 RBI on 18 hits.  (Side note: I think the Edgar Martínez Award for best DH should be renamed the David Ortiz Award.)  And how about Shane Victorino somehow coming up to the plate over and over in the postseason with the bases loaded and two outs.. then getting some grand slams and 3 RBI doubles?  He’s only the second player in MLB history to have two grand slams in the same postseason.  And how about both Jon Lester and John Lackey having huge comebacks in their careers and dominating throughout the playoffs?  Along with all the help from the bullpen, like the lights-out, quick-work closer Koji Uehara, this team beat the best pitchers in the league!  That includes the likes of Matt Moore, David Price, Justin Verlander, Anibal Sanchez, Max Scherzer, Adam Wainwright, and Michael Wacha!  At 38 years old, John Farrell and the team knew they wouldn’t be able to use him that often, yet he closed out a ton of playoff games, earning eight saves.  And how about the seriously clutch hitting by everyone that helped us get past good pitching.  These guys pretty much defined clutch hitting.  And how about a Boston team winning a championship for its city after the Boston Marathon Bombing tragedy and the advent of the Boston Strong movement?  How about the team’s management who put together a perfect roster by bringing in veterans who all had something to prove and who all loved the Boston fan base and spotlight.. and each other!  They didn’t buy this title, like they tried to do in 2011 with all those superstars, they earned it through complete teamwork.

This can’t be stated enough: this Red Sox championship was perfect!  I could write for days about it, but for now, I need to get back to work and tending to this hangover.  More on this will come soon, but for now, revel in it Boston.  The Red Sox are your 2013 World Series champions!!!!

Here’s Shane Victorino’s game-winning 3-RBI triple:

Here’s Koji Uehara’s perfect 9th inning to win the game:

Here’s the post-game celebration:

Here’s an excellent tribute montage of the Red Sox World Series run:

The team hoists the Commissioner’s Trophy [Vine]:

The team celebrates in the locker room [Vine]:

Here’s WEEI’s audio highlights from this whole incredible season:

Here’s WEEI’s radio highlights from the game:

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4 Responses to Red Sox are 2013 World Series Champions!!!!

  1. positivegal says:

    Just found your blog. Love it!! I’m a diehard Boston fan. It certainly has been a good century for us so far. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more celebratory articles from you.

    • bost0nfire says:

      Hey thanks!
      I’m glad you’ll be reading, but we could also use some help as we are all too busy to write as much as we would like. So if you ever want to contribute, send us a message or leave a comment.

  2. I love your blog! I really love the videos you put up of the last pitch thrown by Koji, it was like I was reliving the game all over again! I would love some feedback on my blog if you could check it out since they are about a similar subject!

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