Red Sox-Cardinals World Series Starts Tonight!

2013 World Series Logo (Red Sox vs Cardinals)GET PUMPED!!

Tonight the Boston Red Sox will play Game 1 of the 2013 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.  This will be Boston’s 12th appearance in the Fall Classic (including when they were called the Boston Americans).  They won the very first one in 1903, now they get the chance to win the 110th.  In 2007, they became the first team in the new millennium to win two championship titles.  Now, whichever team wins this series will become the first team to win three!

Further, the Red Sox won both of their 2004 and 2007 titles with four game sweeps.  That’s right, we’re riding an eight game winning streak in World Series games!  Could they be the first to sweep three World Series in this millennium?  While that would be amazing, it will be much more difficult than it was in the last two series as these two teams are about as evenly matched as you can get.  They are literally the two best teams in the league this season.  They both had 97 wins in the regular season and if you go position by position deciding which team has the edge, it’s very difficult to choose in most cases.  Still, I have confidence that they can win it six games, but seven if it comes down to it.

Tonight, the Red Sox should be able to get the first win of the series.  Jon Lester will be our starter on the mound, and he has been great.  Plus, we have Jonny Gomes in the lineup and we’re 6-0 in this postseason when he starts.  Nobody really knows why as you can’t really tell by his stats.  It’s more about “the intangibles.”  Oh yeah, and the Red Sox are also 8-3 all time in Game 1’s of the World Series.  I know that isn’t a very strong stat to base predictions on as it goes back over a century, but I just had to throw it out there.

This Red Sox team has made an amazing turnaround this season.  After winning only 69 games last season, this is a comeback for the ages.  Now they have just one more stop on the “Road to Redemption” and there’s no reason any Boston fan should feel that they can’t finish.  This is a great team all around.  Management did a great job of bringing in the perfect guys to make it happen, including their new manager John Farrell.  Even though some local sports broadcasters have picked the Red Sox to lose both of the last two series, they’ve always found away to win, and sometimes with huuuuuuge clutch hits like the Ortiz and Victonino grand slams.  As I said, I’m confident that we can win it, and I’m thinking it will be in six games.  All Red Sox fans should feel the same.

First pitch is tonight at 8:07pm!  So watch this video, fulfill all of your superstitions, and get psyched!!

Red Sox: Road to the World Series:

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