Red Sox Rally with Six Runs in 9th to Win 8-7!

Daniel Nava gets a hit to center field that brings in the game-winning walk-off run in the 9th inning (8/1/13)

Daniel Nava gets a hit to deep center field that brings in the game-winning walk-off run in the bottom of the 9th inning.

The Red Sox are on a roll!  Last night, they got their league-leading 11th walk-off win and 2nd in a row.  It was also their 3rd win in a row as they swept the series against the Mariners.  What’s more, all 11 of their walk-off wins have been at home.  They have 37 home wins.  The Red Sox haven’t won a game when being down by 6+ runs in the 8th inning in 73 years!  1940 was the last time they did it, and 1911 was the last time before that.  As you can see it’s quite a feat, and this surprising team did it!

Even though they were down 7-1 going into the 8th inning, they never gave up (showing really likeable character).  They rallied and scored a run in the 8th inning, then six more in the 9th inning to win the game 8-7!

They’re one of only two teams playing .600 baseball and are on par for 97 wins!  They are currently 66-44.  This season has surprised everyone and fans couldn’t be happier.  Recently fans at Fenway Park have really gotten into games and backed their team.  It’s been louder there than any recent Boston sports games.  This Red Sox team is very likable without winning, but the great season they’re having sure helps.  This is a very exciting year for them.  I haven’t been this into the Red Sox in years.  I can’t wait for the post-season, which they should easily get to at this point.  Are you enjoying this season as much as I am or are you still skeptical?

Here’s the story with a short video recap:

Here’s another article about this game:

Here are some amateur videos of the end of the game:
(You gotta love how loud the crowd is)
The game-winning hit:
Right after winning:

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  1. Thanks for the post “like!” We had a fantastic time at Fenway on Sunday afternoon!

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