Baseball Needs Instant Replay!

Strike Two for MLB Umpire Jerry Meals!

Daniel Nava safely touches the plate to score the game-tying run, but umpire Jerry Meals wrongly calls him out (7/29/13)

Daniel Nava safely touches the plate to score the game-tying run, but umpire Jerry Meals wrongly calls him out.

Here’s a closer look from a better angle:

A closer look at Daniel Nava safely touching the plate before being wrongly called out (7/29/13)

A closer look at Daniel Nava safely touching the plate before being wrongly called out.

Last night, MLB umpire Jerry Meals made the wrong call, then ejected Red Sox manager John Farrell for arguing.  The worst part, though, is that he set himself up perfectly in the absolute worst position to see the play: right behind the catcher’s fat ass, so that he wouldn’t see much of the plate, and definitely not the front of it where Daniel Nava’s foot would likely (and did) touch. WTF?!  He already messed up big time two years ago.. In the 19th inning of a Braves/Pirates game, he made a call that was even more blatantly wrong, and very important as the one last night was.

I think umpires should get three strikes too!!  The call last night was his second.  One more and he shouldn’t be an umpire any more.  I know it seems harsh but Meals is a veteran umpire.. he shouldn’t be making mistakes like this.. and it sucks that much more that it was in an important situation.  If he made the right call, the Red Sox would’ve tied the game and had a chance to win.  Furthermore, this game was against a division rival (the Rays), so it’s even more important to the standings.

If MLB isn’t willing to do that, and I doubt they would, then they need instant replay!  It would solve all of these issues.  Yes, the argument against it is valid: MLB games are long as it is and replays would just slow it down.  Well, the NHL has their head office in Toronto review plays as soon as they happen and it seems to work for them.  Further, they could make it so that you only get a couple replay requests per game, like the challenge flags in the NFL.  There’s definitely some way they can allow for instant replays without slowing down games too much.

What’s your opinion?

Here’s a link to the full story with a video:

Here’s a video of last night’s blown call (the one in the story above is better quality):

Here’s another video of it with more angles and slow-mo:

Here’s another video with a reporter talking about it:

Here’s his blown call from two years ago:

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3 Responses to Baseball Needs Instant Replay!

  1. ryanfoges says:

    Absolutely ridiculous. Why wasn’t he over Molina’s left shoulder? Losing that game is a huge two game swing that could cost us in October.

  2. bost0nfire says:

    It was announced today that starting next year, MLB will allow each team to make 3 challenges (replay reviews) per game.. One in the first 6 innings and two after that. This is all pending a 75% vote by team owners.
    I’m all for it, but it does have the potential to slow down an already slow game even more. What do you think?

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