It’s Winning Time for the Bruins. Get Pumped!

The Bruins starting line stands during the singing of the National Anthem (6/19/13 - Finals Game 4)

The Bruins starting line stands during the singing of the National Anthem.

Bruins fans welcome Tuukka Rask and the team onto the ice (6/19/13 - Finals Game 4)

Bruins fans welcome the team onto the ice. Make sure we show them love and cheer them on loudly tonight in Game 6!!

The Bruins lost Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final against the Blackhawks on Saturday in a close battle.  The Bruins seemed to have some great offense, but some defensive slip-ups led to the Blackhawks leading 2-1 with a minute left in regulation.  They eventually scored an empty-netter to win 3-1.  This was really heartbreaking as I thought we played a better game than they did.  We out-hit them by a ridiculous margin of 53 to 22, so we were playing our usual physical game well, but as I said, we had too many mistakes and gave up the puck way too many times.

They worst part of the game, though, was that arguably our best player, Patrice Bergeron, was hurt.  In the middle of the game he stood up awkwardly and labored to get to the bench.  It looked like he strained or pulled something in his back or maybe a leg.  One sports writer even said it was his spleen.  We don’t know what the injury is, but he is a huge loss for the Bruins.  He is the best faceoff winner in the league and without him, we lost the faceoff battle (24-33) for the first time all year.  While he’s very important on faceoffs, he does so much more.. he basically does everything.  He is arguably the best two-way player in the league, being better and more determined at playing defense than any other forward.  He’s also great at setting up offensive plays.  We don’t know if he’ll play in Game 6 tonight.  Bruins coach Claude Julien said he’s confident that Bergeron will play, but he was not at the morning skate today.  We shall see.  I really, really, really want him to play, but not if it puts his career in jeopardy because of his injury.

With some of our best players out with injuries (Gregory Campbell and maybe Patrice Bergeron), this will be a tough game.  We’re having to play some guys who haven’t played with the team much or at all, which certainly isn’t easy.  One such substitute was Carl Soderberg in Game 5.  He played decently, but he and whoever might play in place of Bergeron need to step up and give us some production.  Hopefully tonight will be the night that Jaromir Jagr finally scores his first Bruins playoff goal.  Or maybe Tyler Seguin or Brand Marchand will finally get back into their groove and score.

As long as we play our usual solid, shut-down defense, Tuukka Rask has one of his usual great games in net, and at least a few guys have good offensive games, we should be able to win this game and force a Game 7.  It definitely sucks that if we win the Stanley Cup, it will have to be away from home again, but I still think it’s very possible.  So get pumped and cheer loudly, even if you’re watching on TV.. they will sense your support.  If I had time, I would make a pump-up montage with Bruins video clips from this playoff run and the song “We Believe” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the background.  I don’t, but you should still listen to that song and picture them winning tonight.  If you start the song about halfway through, you’ll hear the climax where they keep singing “we believe” and the music, at least for me, just pumps me up so much.  Try it out..  Click this link, and picture the Bruins winning while you listen..
Then to further get you pumped up, watch this video about everything the Bruins and Boston has been through on this epic run:

The Bruins play best when their backs are against the wall, and they certainly are now as there is no more margin of error.  As scary as it is to think that they must win both of the next two games to take home the cup, this is where they really shine.  This series is not over yet and is still very much winnable for the Bruins.  Bruins fans should feel confident that we will at least win this game.  And if we do, we’ll have a pretty good chance to win Game 7 since we’ll have momentum.

Calling all Bruins fans!  ..We need every fan to cheer, even if you’re watching on TV, but especially if you’re going to the game like me.  We need to keep this crowd wild and loud and show our undying support for the Bruins.  Even if we fall behind in this game, you have to still cheer and have faith because we can definitely make comebacks, as we have so many times this year.  The Bruins can absolutely win this game, but remember, Bruins fans, now more than even, no matter what happens, you must always…
Bruins - "Believe" (with Bruins 'B')

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