In Your Face!

(…to everyone who picked the Penguins to win the East)

Zdeno Chara gives Sidney Crosby a talking to (6/1/13 - ECF Game 1)

Bruins captain Zdeno Chara gives Penguins captain Sidney Crosby a talking to.

Nathan Horton scores against Tomas Vokoun (6/1/13 - ECF Game 1)

The Bruins’ Nathan Horton scores against Tomas Vokoun.

Yes I know this series is far from over, but about 90% of people everywhere (even locally) predicted that the Penguins would beat the Bruins in 5, 6, or 7 games.  While either team can still win it, if you were one of those people I just mentioned, you must’ve thought that the Penguins would win Game 1, and probably Game 2 as well.  This is the risk of making predictions based on what statistics are on paper at that point.

The Penguins looked to have the most dangerous offense and power play, at least in the East.. but you didn’t take into account the Bruins’ amazing defense, penalty kill, and goalie!  Penguins goalie Tomas Vokoun looked really good after going 6-1, but you didn’t take into account that it was against pretty weak teams.  Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask had been good, but his playoff history made it look like he would have lots of trouble.. that couldn’t have been further from the truth as he made some ridiculous saves and ended with a shutout.  And the misguiding statistics go on.

Here’s what it came down to in Game 1:

* Two goals for David Krejci.. he still leads the playoffs in points with 19 and second in +/- rating with +11.

* A goal for Nathan Horton.. he is fifth in playoff points with 15 and leads in the playoffs for +/- rating with +17.

* We have a bunch of the most successful playoff players so far..  Besides Krejci and Horton, Milan Lucic is third in +/- with a +11, and Zdeno Chara is fourth with +9.

* Some great chances for Jaromir Jagr.. once again there were some shots that were supposed to be his first Bruins playoff goal.

* Only one shot on net for Jarome Iginla and a +/- rating of -2.. it’s looking like he may have picked the wrong team in looking for his first Stanley Cup.

* NO goals for the Penguins.. and negative +/- ratings for most of their players.. even when they were averaging a whopping 4.3 goals per game in the playoffs before this series, scored 13 goals in their last two games against the Senators, and scored 47 goals in the 11 games of their first two series.

* A shutout for Tuukka Rask.. his first playoff shutout.  He stopped 29 of 29 shots for a perfect 1.000 save percentage, including the all important 9 of 9 shots during Penguins power plays.  His stats are actually better than those of Tim Thomas at this point in the 2011 playoffs when we won the Stanley Cup.

* Patrice Bergeron and the Bruins dominated faceoffs, winning 32 of them.. The Penguins sucked at faceoffs, only winning 16.. Bergeron (our best) won something like 6 of 7 against Sidney Crosby (their best).  David Krejci won 5 of 6, Bergeron won 10 of 16, Crosby won only 6 of 17.  These stats are the prime examples of how the teams did.

* A road win for the Bruins.. giving them a 1-0 series lead.

* Matt Cooke is still a dirty ass low-life douchebag.. His hit from behind on Adam McQuaid, knocking him face-first hard into the boards was definitely dirty.  McQuaid may have put himself in a bad position, but Cooke had plenty of time to pull back from the hit.  MATT COOKE HAS NOT CHANGED like the Pens camp would have you to believe.

* Sidney Crosby is still the biggest little bitch in the NHL!  Every single freakin’ time he was on the ice, he whined about a correct non-call or pulled some little bitch move..  like when he hit Tyler Seguin up high, then slashed at his legs, or when he hit Tuukka Rask a few times after the first period.  Listen princess Crosby, just because you are this league’s golden boy, it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want and get special treatment..  Even though refs do give you extra leeway, like LeBron in the NBA, can you at least TRY to be sportsmanlike?  It’s also worth noting he ended with a +/- rating of -2.

* Bruins win 3-0!

Boom!  In your face!!

6/1/13: Bruins at Penguins [ECF Game 1] - Final Score (3-0 Bruins)

I know it’s just one game, but it went completely opposite of what every expected and the Bruins look like they have a pretty good chance of winning the series.  Even if we lose Game 2, we’re still in good shape coming back to Boston for the next two games.  Still, no matter what happens, remember Bruins fans, you must always..
Bruins - "Believe" (with Bruins 'B')

Here are some videos from Game 1:

Extended Game 1 highlights (HD):

Short Game 1 highlights (SD):

Full Game 1 (HD):

Tuukka Rask denies Evgeni Malkin, then Sidney Crosby:

David Krejci scores the first goal of the series (his 6th of the playoffs):

Tuukka Rask makes a big save on Evgeni Mallkin:

Matt Cooke’s dirty hit from behind on Adam McQuaid:

Tuukka Rask makes a bunch of big saves in a row:

Zdeno Chara and Sidney Crosby have some words for each other:

David Krejci scores his second goal of the game (his 7th of the playoffs):

Nathan Horton scores the third goal of the game (his 6th of the playoffs):

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2 Responses to In Your Face!

  1. Third-Quarter Prophet says:

    Hell yeah! What a win. No one ever predicted Rask to produce a shutout – everyone had been nay-saying him all week, so I’m glad that he stood on his head to block all 29 of Pittsburgh’s shots on goal. Put a quick end to most of the negative banter I was hearing.

    And of course NOW all those nay-sayers have completely changed their tune (the goddamn fair-weather bastards) and are calling him “Tim Thomas 2.0” – but personally I think he’s better, and more reliable of a person (and a player) than Thomas ever was.

    Yeah it was Rask’s first shut out since blanking the Lightning on April 25th – and only his 6th shutout all season, but I think we’ve got the edge. If we can keep the momentum, and energy from game one, and get in on the Pen’s early in the first period tonight – i believe we have a good shot of getting up on them early in the series.

    Anything can happen, after-all – but I’m more confident than not.

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