The Bruins are Back!

Bruins forward Daniel Paille celebrates his goal with teammates (4/25/13)

Bruins forward Daniel Paille celebrates his goal with teammates.

Tuukka Rask makes a huge glove save (4/25/13)

Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask makes one of many huge saves.

Milan Lucic beats up Keith Aulie (4/25/13)

Milan Lucic beats up Keith Aulie.

4/25/13: Bruins vs Lightning - Final Score (2-0 Bruins)

Last night the Bruins took on the Lightning in Boston in a game that was rescheduled due to a February blizzard.  My eyes were glued to the TV as I couldn’t have been more satisfied and entertained.  It was an amazing game on all fronts.  The offense stepped up and got the puck moving well (especially in the third period), goalie Tuukka Rask had a fantastic game with some huge saves, and they even started to physically dominate the way we fans know and love.  Oh yeah, they won too!

Alright so I have a lot going on in my life right now and don’t have as much time to put towards this blog as I would like.  If you look back, I used to post about every single Bruins game.  I just don’t have the time anymore.  So on a side note, if anyone would like to contribute to this blog, please send me a message or leave a comment.  That being said, this post will be brief.  I still don’t have time, but this game was too big to not write about.

In the first 10 minutes or so, they were playing well, but not much better than they have been through this recent little slump.  Still, you have to (B)elieve like I always do..  Have faith.  14 minutes into the game, Andrew Ference stepped up and got in a fight with Benoit Pouliot to amp up the Bruins.  Ference isn’t much of a fighter, but he can definitely throw down, just like the rest of the team.  It’s a requirement to play for them.  NESN announcer Jack Edwards said it best: “Pouliot is playing the part of the punching bag.”

After that the Bruins all started to get physical, and that being a big part of their game got them back into their rhythm.  After the past several games when they seemed tired and/or not committed, as well as sloppy, it was seriously awesome to see them get back to what they should be.  They were making great plays left and right, effectively forechecking and making steals in the offensive zone, and playing solid defense including killing off three Lightning power plays.  What’s more, the power play that they had actually looked good.  They made smart decisions and were able to stay in the offensive zone for pretty much the whole time.

Milan Lucic, who has received the most criticism of all during this slump, got back to his game too.  He’s been slow and sloppy recently, and I knew he just needed to get physical to get back into it, seeing as that’s a big part of what he does.  Well, he did just that.  He started dishing out some big hits and near the end of the second period, he got in a fight and demolished Keith Aulie.  It’s funny how it works out.  After that, he was back to his hard-hitting self, but he was also making better plays.  He made one perfect turn-around pass that he wouldn’t have even attempted in the past several games.  Lucic is back!

Last, but most definitely not least, there was our goalie, Tuukka Rask.  He has had a great season and while he has done some sloppy goaltending recently, his performance in this game was astounding.  He made 30 saves and earned his fifth shutout of the season, which leads the league!  He now has a 1.85 GAA (3rd in the league) and a .935 save percentage (2nd in the league).  His record so far this season is 12-4-2.  He has really become the #1 goalie we were all hoping for.  The stats don’t say it all, though.  You really have to look at some of the saves he made.. There were some seriously epic ones where it totally looked like the Lightning were going to score.  Check out the video of his highlights below.

This game was straight up awesome for Bruins fans!  As the playoffs quickly approach, we really needed to see the team get back to their game.. and they totally did!  They brought back their physical game with some great hits and fights, got their offense and power play going again, and gave serious effort into this win.  Furthermore, they gained a lead and held it strong, showing that they have the sustainability they’ve been recently lacking.  Since the Canadiens won last night too, we are still tied with them in points at 61.  However, we have two games left and they only have one.  If we stay ahead of them, we will go into the post season as the #2 seed, if not we will be the #4.  Either way, Bruins fans have to be really happy with what they showed in this 2-0 win.  The Bruins are back!!

Here’s a video of Andrew Ference fighting Benoit Pouliot:

Here’s a video of Milan Lucic fighting Keith Aulie:

Here’s a video of Tuukka Rask’s highlights:

Here’s a video of Dennis Seidenberg’s goal:,2,154&event=BOS367&cmpid=embed-share-video

Here’s a video of Daniel Paille’s goal:,2,154&event=BOS395&cmpid=embed-share-video

Here’s a video recap of the game:

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