Brady now the most “selfless” QB of all time (3 rings just aren’t enough, are they?)


The Celtics could go off the grid at any moment over the next few years.
The Red Sox have better odds of finishing in the basement of the AL East this year than finishing first.
The Bruins play in the NHL, a league in which nearly every team in the 16-team tournament each spring has a legitimate shot at winning a title.

….After all these years, there is just one sure thing left in the Boston sports universe – Tom Brady and the Patriots will challenge for a championship this fall, and next winter.
Brady ensured that the good times will roll Monday. The quarterback signed an extremely team-friendly deal (three-year extension, $27 million total), that will keep him in a Patriots uniform until he’s 40 years old, according to Sports Illustrated.
Now, anyone who makes $27 million over any period of time can’t really be called “Selfless”… but if Brady was truly selfless he’d tell Bob Kraft over a Grey Goose, “Hey, Gisele makes more money than God. Just give me as much as Matthew Slater, and we’ll call it a deal.”

But in today’s warped sports world, No. 12 is the closest thing to “selfless” as you will find in the entire NFL. By just looking at the numbers of this deal (cap numbers of just $13 million in 2015, $14 million in 2016, and $15 million in 2017), Brady is guaranteed to be the MOST UNDERPAID player in the NFL over the next four years. Now – if I hear any other goddamn nay-sayers say that Brady is over rated… they will be swiftly directed to take their own head, and put it snugly up thine own sphincter.

Now to give him a little more credit where it is due – Brady is also putting his football legacy ahead of his financial legacy. He is saving the Pats a boatload of cash that they can now spend elsewhere (Think Wes Welker is Happy? You bet).

His football legacy is, of course, already sparkling in these parts. But there have been more than a few people that have questioned whether or not Brady can get it done in the big spot anymore like he’s used to? Like, you know, its possible to just wake up one day and lose a clutch gene.

Regardless of fictitious DNA, there is one thing that should be clear as day to Boston sports fans today: Brady is still hungry for a fourth Super Bowl ring, so much so that he’s leaving millions of dollars on the Patriot’s table. Talk about a class act? Hell f*cking yeah.

Its hard to remember a Boston sports star who cared more about his legacy. Bill Russell, he of the 11 championship rings, is in the discussion. But he once demanded to be paid one dollar more than Wilt Chamberlain, or he’d retire. Its clear that money sometimes equaled respect with Russell.
Brady knows he still have a bit to go to earn everyone’s respect as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, but without even throwing a pass yesterday his legacy grew.

Now I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but come on – we all still know that the Patriots will rise to challenge for a championship this fall and next winter. And yes, we’ll be able to say that same thing next year and the year after and the year after, but its actually one of those rare times in sports, so much so that you can take it to the bank. [knock on wood]

Now – that being said – lets take all this money that Brady left on the table and invest WISELY on – i don’t know, maybe some defense? Maybe someone that can catch a ball (other than welker), or block? Because, lets be serious, if Welker went down permanently, where would we be without our short-game?

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One Response to Brady now the most “selfless” QB of all time (3 rings just aren’t enough, are they?)

  1. bost0nfire says:

    Wow.. now Joe Flacco is on the other end of the spectrum (in terms of money and skill).. He just signed a contract for six years and $120.6 million, becoming the highest paid player in NFL history! Yet he’s only a slightly above average quarterback who had one good playoff run (with much help from his teammates). There’s something very wrong with that.
    And everyone was complaining that Brady taking less money would affect other quarterbacks’ contracts.. apparently not!

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