Bruins Have Best Season Start in Team History

Patrice Bergeron scores the game-winning goal against Ryan Miller (2/10/13)

The Bruins’ Patrice Bergeron scores the game-winning goal against Ryan Miller.

"Backup" Bruins goalie Anton Khudobin makes one of many big saves on Nathan Gerbe (2/10/13)

The Bruins’ “Backup” goalie Anton Khudobin makes one of many big saves on Nathan Gerbe.

2/10/13: Bruins at Sabres - Final Score (3-1 Bruins)

Last night, the Bruins were in Buffalo, New York to play the Sabres.  They were looking for some revenge as the Sabres have given them their only regulation loss of the season.  They gave our enforcer, Shawn Thornton, a concussion during a fight as well.

After the Sabres won a fight early in this game (though Gregory Campbell did get a few big punches in), I was a little worried that they would gain momentum.  Well, that’s not how it happened.  Instead, the Bruins had what I would consider to be their most solid offensive game of the season.  They were making great plays and decisions and ended up getting 39 shots on goal.  They probably had close to a million scoring chances too!

Even after the Sabres tied the game (after we had a 1-0 lead), we still pushed hard and persevered with a 3-1 win.  It was also really nice to see David Krejci give up an empty net goal to Milan Lucic in the end, rather than taking it for himself.

As for our goaltending, well I think the evidence has shown that we’re doing pretty well in that department.  Tuukka Rask has had a great season, but in the two games that our “backup” goalie, Anton Khudobin, has started, he has been really been fun to watch.  I put “backup” in quotes because I think he’s really more of a #1½ goalie than a #2.  He has played really well, especially considering he’s only played a few games in the NHL since being called up last year.  He has now made saves on 54 of the 58 shots against him this season (and won both of those games)!!

2/6/13: Bruins at Canadiens - Final Score (2-1 Bruins)

On another note, it was also awesome to see the Bruins fight hard and win over the Montreal Canadiens last Wednesday night.  Even after going into the third period down 1-0, the Bruins kept pushing and eventually took the lead, scoring two goals in the first two minutes of the period!  As with last season, it appears the Bruins will once again be the most dominant third period team in the league.

The Bruins now have the best start to a season in team history.  They’ve earned 17 of a possible 20 points in the first 10 games with a 8-1-1 record.  That’s right, only one regulation loss so far!  Currently, we are tied for third in the league in the standings (and we’ve played up to three less games than all of the other teams).  What’s more, the Bruins have a whopping 11 forwards who have scored a goal this season!  I’m loving this Bruins season!  We have a great team.  They’re very close-knit, always have each other’s backs, and are really clicking offensively.  This looks to be quite an epic and enjoyable season!

Additional Note:
The Boston Bruins have traded goalie Tim Thomas to the New York Islanders for a conditional second round draft pick in 2014 or 2015.  You may remember him as the guy who gave probably the best goalie performance ever and even the best performance of any one player ever during the 2011 playoff run.  I would give him the majority of the credit for our 2011 Stanley Cup.  However, he was sitting this season out and may never play again, so this trade doesn’t really hurt us, it only gives us a future draft pick.. and $7 million of additional salary cap space this season.  We’ll miss you Timmy!  Thanks for all the amazing goaltending you’ve given us over the years.

Check here for some Tim Thomas tribute and highlight videos.

2/12/13 UPDATE:
The Bruins have already used some of the new cap space they got from trading Tim Thomas.  They signed left winger Jay Pandolfo who is from Burlington, MA and will get to play for his home team.  He will start out with our minor league team in Providence, RI.

Here’s a video recap of the 2/6 game against the Habs:

Here’s another (shorter) version if the above recap doesn’t work:

Here are some more highlights from the 2/6 game:
* Tuukka Rask makes a big save on a Lars Eller breakaway
* Tyler Seguin scores a backhanded goal
* David Krejci scores a goal on a great offensive play

Here’s a video recap of the 2/10 game against the Sabers:

Here’s another (shorter) version if the above recap doesn’t work:

Here are some more highlights from the 2/10 game:
* Brad Marchand scores a goal with a great wrist shot
Patrice Bergeron scores a power play goal
* David Krejci gives Milan Lucic an empty net goal

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