Bruins Have Best Season Start Since 1970

Tyler Seguin scores a shootout goal (on his 2nd attempt because the 1st was negated by a hot dog thrown on the ice).. He had scored on the 1st attempt too. (1/29/13)

The Bruins’ Tyler Seguin scores a shootout goal on his 2nd attempt.. the 1st attempt didn’t count (though he did score on it) because someone in the audience threw a hot dog onto the ice.

1/29/13: Bruins vs Devils - Final Score (2-1 Bruins in SO)

Last night the Bruins demonstrated the epitome of the saying “finding a way to win” against the New Jersey Devils.  It was a close game all the way through, but the Bruins were in danger of their first regulation loss of the season, down 1-0 near the end of the game.  I was actually worried that our point streak was coming to end.  I started making excuses in my mind, like that we were playing the team from the Eastern Conference that made it to the Stanley Cup Finals last year.. or that this was the first time this season that we played games on back-to-back days (with travelling involved).  But you can never count the Bruins out if there is still time on the clock..  With about four minutes left, none other than Nathan Horton scored the tying goal.. his second game-tying goal with under five minutes this season.  It was a great play too, with assists from Milan Lucic and David Krejci.  The best part of all of this is that the Bruins aren’t even playing at 100% of their potential yet.  They’re still getting back into their groove, yet in games that it seems they should lose, they still manage to go to overtime to earn at least one point.

After still being tied 1-1 after overtime, it went to a shootout and there was some true magic.  Tyler Seguin went as the first shooter.  He made some nasty moves and scored.. but wait.. some idiot in the audience threw a hot dog onto the ice right behind the goalie.  Well, even though it had absolutely no affect on the play and the goalie didn’t even see it, they made Seguin take his shot over again.  Well what do you know.. Seguin goes, makes some more nice moves, and scores from the backhand this time.  WOW!!  He became the only player ever to score two goals in a shootout!  (Though one of them doesn’t actually count.. but still)  He has now scored on a whopping 12 of 22 shootout attempts (55%).. 13 of 23 (57%) if you count both of those shots!  Then, the magic continued when the shootout went to a sixth round.  Bruins coach Claude Julien decided it was time Brad Marchand attempt a shootout.  On his first shootout attempt ever, he scores!  After that, Tuukka Rask made the save to win the game!

Rask had a great game too with some big saves, including the save on the last shot of the shootout for the win.  He made saves on 25 of 26 shots during regulation and overtime with a save percentage of 0.962!  His GAA is now 1.74.. so sick!

Our record is now 5-0-1, still without a regulation loss this season, and having earned 11 of a possible 12 points.  We sit at the top spot in the Eastern Conference and third in the whole league (only one point behind two teams tied for first).  We haven’t started a season this well since 1970.. and you may remember what happened then.  I’m so psyched for this season.  Two Stanley Cups in three years just looks more and more realistic as the season progresses.

Shawn Thornton fights Krystofer Barch (1/29/13)

Shawn Thornton fights Krystofer Barch.  We win something like 75% of the time when Thornton fights.

Nathan Horton shoots what would be the game-tying goal (1/29/13)

The Bruins’ Nathan Horton shoots what would be the game-tying goal.

The Bruins celebrate Nathan Horton's game-tying goal (1/29/13)

The Bruins celebrate Nathan Horton’s game-tying goal.

A referee picks up a hot dog that was thrown on the ice during the shootout (1/29/13)

A referee picks up the hot dog that was thrown onto the ice during Tyler Seguin’s first shootout attempt.

Brad Marchand scores the game-winning shootout goal (on his first shootout attempt ever) (1/29/13)

The Bruins’ Brad Marchand scores the game-winning shootout goal on his first shootout attempt ever.

Tuukka Rask makes a shootout save against Marek Zidlicky to win the game (1/29/13)

The Bruins’ Tuukka Rask makes a shootout save against Marek Zidlicky to win the game.

Tuukka Rask celebrates the shootout win (1/29/13)

Tuukka Rask celebrates the shootout win (as do the fans).

Here’s a video of Shawn Thornton fighting Krystofer Barch:

Here’s a video of Tyler Seguin’s two shootout goals (first ever to do that):

If the above video doesn’t work, here’s a link for another video of Tyler Seguin’s shootout goals:

Here’s a video of the full six round shootout:

If the above video doesn’t work, here’s more videos of the six round shootout:

Here’s a video recap of last night’s game:

Here’s some more video recaps if the above doesn’t work:,2,78&cmpid=embed-share-video

Here’s some photos from last night’s game:

Here’s a written recap of last night’s game:

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