The history of 21 and 22

The C’s chances of landing a superstar in the NBA draft that late in rounds are slim to none. Notable players in the last 30 years to be picked there? Reggie Lewis and Rondo himself.

Most talking heads have labelled this year’s NBA draft (Thursday, 7PM., ESPN) the deepest field since the class of 2003 which featured the likes of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Wade at the top and steals like David West (18th overall) Boris Diaw (21st) Kendrick Perkins (27th) Josh Howard (29th) Steve Blake (38th) Zaza Pachulia (42nd) Mo Williams (47th) and Kyle Korver (51st overall) towards the end of the night. – yes, these were all in the same draft. Looking back, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? That type of talent in one draft? Albeit it took years to foster and develop their on-court skills, but look at how many high-caliber players were in this one draft?

That draft certainly lived up to its billing with a dozen players that turned out to be good-to-very good-to-great NBA Players, but the truth is, this draft probably wont be as deep. But it definitely should be better than the past few years, simply by default. Not much has come from the past couple drafts. Yes there is an exception to every generalization, but I dare you to come up with such a stacked list in one draft as listed above.

If the Celtics don’t trade away their two first-round picks (They have been rumored to want to move up by packaging the two) they will be selecting from the 21 and 22 spots. As of late those two spots haven’t been too friendly. Lets take a look:

2011: Portland picked Nolan Smith, Denver picked Kenneth Faried.
2010: Oklahoma City picked Craig Backins, Portland picked Elliot Williams.
2009: N’Orleans picked Daren Collison, Portland picked Victor Claver
2008: New Jersey picked Ryan Anderson, Orlando selected Courtney Lee

So, lets paraphrase that. Faried, Collison, Anderson (the best of the bunch) and Lee have all been solid pros so far. But none are players that can change the direction of a franchise; something the C’s will need badly with the breakup of the trio. Interestingly enough for Boston fans, the best two players in the past 30 years selected at spots 21 and 22 donned the Celtic green-and-whites. The late Reggie Lewis was selected at 22 back in 1987, and Rajon Rondo was the 21st overall pick in 2006. Other notables selected in those spots are Jared Dudley, Nate Robinson, Rickey Davis, Scott Skiles, and Greg Kite.

With rumors of trades for Pierce, KG, and Allen all swirling around, one thing is clear – we need to make some serious moves and pick-ups this off-season. Yes its great to have two back-to-back draft spots, but as I mentioned before, it will still take time to build and grow these new pick-ups. I say we package the two picks together, and a bench player, and trade up for a pick in the top 10. Will it be possible? It’s anyone’s guess, but I think we would be foolish not to jump on it, given the opportunity.

One last thing I want to touch on is a crazy rumor I’ve been hearing in the past 48 hours; Ray Allen to the Heat actually being a possibility.

Jaw, meet the floor. Great. Thanks.

Multiple outlets reported yesterday that there is “mutual interest” between the recently crowned NBA champion Miami and Celtics free agent Ray Allen. One thing that could thwart those plans, however, is the fact that Miami could likely only pay him the “taxpayer’s mid-level” which would be around $3 Million per year. Cry about it.

Allen made $10 Million this past season with the Celtics. Avery Bradley supplanted Allen in the Boston starting lineup towards the end of the 2011-12 season and is expected to resume those duties this fall… if everything goes according to plan.

Yes this is speculation, but you gotta be prepared for the unexpected, and believe me, my jaw will hit the floor again if this truly does go through unhinged.


statistics, history, and other information provided by:
Boston Metro


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