Seeking signs of youth

History is definitely not on the Celtic’s side if they fall into an 0-2 hole tonight.
Allen’s health is once again a concern, Rondo says the C’s need to be more physical, and I say that Rondo, Pierce, and Allen all must be better!

Tonight is not a “must-win” for Boston by regular standards, but that’s not to say a loss would sit just fine with the Green.

Since 2007-2008, the Celtics are 3-3 in series after dropping game 1 and have not won a series after falling down 0-2 (Which has, coincidentally enough, only happened once during this period, coming against, you guessed it, the Miami heat, last year.

Boston’s resolve and grittiness will only get them so far in this 2012 postseason, however: winning four of the next six games against the league’s MVP, who is starving for a ring, is a monumental task for a team that now looks its age. And we’re not aging like wine, we’re aging like MILK. So come on Celtics – shit or get off the pot!

Celtic’s head coach Doc Rivers even flirted with the idea of sitting Ray Allen for tonight’s game in order to get him an extra day of rest before Game 3.
“We’re even considering sitting him for a game, getting him a longer rest and then playing him and then sitting him for (another) game. We don’t know what the right thing is,” Rivers told ESPN.

The depth chart at the two-guard position for Boston is non-existent. Keyon Dooling, listed as a point guard, played 12 minutes Monday night, shooting 1-for-3 from the field with one assist and one foul for a minus-5 plus-minus. Marquis Daniels, who is typically regarded as a small forward, played just two minutes in garbage time, tallying two points. Same type of story for Sasha Pavlovic, who went scoreless in four minutes.

Defensively, Boston had decent success with a 2-3 zone, forcing Miami to make shots from the perimeter, but one can bet that the heat will find a quick solution to beating any sort of zone.


statistics, history, and other information provided by:
Boston Metro


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One Response to Seeking signs of youth

  1. bost0nfire says:

    Nice post. I can’t believe we lost Game 1 by so much after being tied at the half.. well I guess I can.. we were missing too many easy shots, plus the refs were making absolutely horrible calls (and no I’m not saying they cost us the game, but they certainly didn’t help). I would really LOVE to see this series played out with a fully healthy Celtics team.. if we had that, I’d give us a slight advantage in the series.. especially if we had Avery Bradley, who was HUGE on the defensive side of the games we played against the Heat in the regular season, giving LeBron some real trouble. We won 3 of 4 in the regular season series with them, but that was with a much healthier team. Still, I think we have a great chance if everyone plays to their potential. Pierce and Rondo combined for 70-something shots in Game 1 and neither one went to the foul line a single time! The C’s need to make those easy shots and get physical! If they can do that, they can win. Go Celtics!!

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