Penguins Proven Punks

Kris Letang takes a dive to draw a penalty (4/3/12)

The Penguins' Kris Letang takes a dive to draw a penalty against the Bruins.

Last night, the Penguins took on the Rangers and brought their bullshit game once again.  For the third straight game (that I know of.. it may be more), they’ve taken dives to draw penalties, given dirty hits with intent to injure, and proven themselves to be a disgrace to the league.  After the game, Rangers coach John Tortorella spoke about how the Penguins and their “two whining stars” would by crying for discipline if they were the ones injured by a dirty hit like they give out.  NBC analyst Mike Milbury also made a comment that Sidney Crosby is a “punk.”  They both got in trouble for what they said, but it was so true.

This game didn’t involve the Bruins, so normally I wouldn’t care too much.. but no matter who you’re a fan of, you should care.  This is because it’s unfair what they’ve been getting away with.  The league always protects its star players to keep the NHL interesting, but maybe it’s time they were treated more like other players.  In particular, Penguins star Sidney Crosby gets away with more than any of the other 800+ players in the league.  He dives like an Olympic diver, whines about getting hit, but at the same time, plays dirty himself and usually gets away with it.. and when he doesn’t, he cries about it.

Well apparently, he’s a good teacher because the rest of the Penguins are following in his footsteps.  A few days ago against the Bruins, Kris Letang embellished being lightly hit in the shoulder with a stick to draw a high-sticking penalty.  Then in the game last night, he basically forced Ryan Callahan to punch him, pulling his arm back and forth.  Then when Callahan’s fist got close to his face, he jerked it back to make it look like he was hit.. but there wasn’t any contact.  Also in last night’s game, Brooks Orpik extended his leg into Derek Stepan’s knee to injure him.. of course he says it wasn’t intentional, but watch the video below and you’ll see how much of a lying bastard he is.  Joe Vitale also had a bunch of his usual dirty hits.  There were 68 penalty minutes in the game.

So in three straight games, they’ve brought the bullshit play and proven themselves to be punks.  It may be more than three games in a row, but those games were the ones I heard about.  They always complain and whine about this stuff, but they do it themselves all the time.. and Brendan Shanahan and the NHL pretty much always let them get away with it.  After this game, they fined the Rangers’ coach $20,000 for speaking the truth and let Brooks Orpik off without any suspension for his dirty hit..  That’s totally backwards from how it should be.  What gives?!  The league needs to get this under control, because if the Penguins end up winning even one playoff game by pulling this crap, it will put the NHL on par with the WWE: totally pointless and fake, with the head office only concerned about entertainment and viewership.. and I will puke up all of my faith a love for the league.

Here’s an article about the Penguins’ recent dirtiness:

Here’s a video of Brooks Orpik’s dirty hit on Derek Stepan:

Here’s a video of bitch-ass Kris Letang drawing a penalty from Ryan Callahan:
(making it look like Callahan punched him, but his fist didn’t make contact)

Here’s Kris Letang’s dive from their recent game against the Bruins:

Here’s a couple of videos of their head-diver/whiner/hypocrite, Sidney Crosby:

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