Bruins Beat the Islanders and Clinch a Playoff Spot

Brad Marchand scores against Al Montoya (3/31/12)

The Bruins' Brad Marchand scores against Al Montoya.

3/31/12: Bruins at Islanders - Final Score (6-3 Bruins)

Yesterday, the Bruins played their first of two games in New York this weekend and came out with a win over the Islanders.  It was a pretty big win for us for a few reasons.  First, this win guaranteed us a spot in the playoffs.  Second, we won even though some of our top players were not on this ice.  The most significant was Tim Thomas, who was given some much-needed rest as Marty Turco played in net (and had a great game).

The other reason this win meant a lot is because the goals and good offensive work came from all over our roster.  Of note, Brad Marchand scored his career-high 27th goal of the season and had two assists, David Krejci scored two goals and has a career-high 23), and Everyone on the Bergeron-Marchand-Seguin line scored.  No other team in the league has as many 20+ goal scorers as the Bruins.

So we’re going to the playoffs, and we’re looking pretty well prepared and in the right mind-set.  It’s great to see all of our cylinders firing, but the next game, against the Rangers, will be a true test as they are one of the best teams in the league right now.  If we beat them we will clinch the Northeast Division.  Hopefully the standings will remain the match-ups would be great to see, and give us a pretty good chance of getting to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Marty Turco makes a huge sprawling poke save against Michael Grabner on a breakaway (3/31/12)

Bruins goalie Marty Turco makes a huge sprawling poke save against Michael Grabner on a breakaway.

My Highlights/Rants

This section is where I put my notes from the game, with the plays that I felt were worth highlighting and ranting about.  This is basically my version of a game recap, intended for those who would like to read one that tells more than just what happened on paper.  So, if you just want a summarization and my thoughts on what the game means for the Bruins, just read the section above and the “Final Thoughts/Notes” section near the bottom.  Following this section are some videos and links…

1st Period
-2 mins in, Kelly hits post
-4 mins in, nice save by Turco on Tavares
-then we do some great work and then great chance, Ference to Kelly
-5 mins in, Zanon knocks down their centering pass
-7.5 mins in, Turco makes a great save.
-9 mins in, Kelly with more great work makes a steal in their end.. leads to a nice shot by Zanon from the blue line.
-12 mins in, Caron with great forechecking takes the puck.
-Then “Lets Go Bruins” chant breaks out from the crowd.
-14 mins in, great save by Turco, then some shoving starts.  He makes another nice save soon after.
-16 mins in, we get a good offensive stand with a nice shot by Seguin.
-18 mins in, Lucic with great work to grab the puck off Krejci’s shot and get it back to him.. Krejci scores his 22nd goal of the season on a one-timer!
-Then Pouliot with great defensive effort to steal the puck and bring it ahead for a 2-on-1 with Rolston for a good chance.
-Then coming back the other way, Kyle Okposo scores (29 seconds after us).
-With a minute left, we get a 3-on-2 for a good chance, then right after, we get a nice 2-on-1 with Marchand to Seguin for another good chance.
-We end the first with another good break into their end.
-It ends tied 1-1.
-Both teams were sloppy overall..  We had some defensive breakdowns that aren’t good to see, but at least they did to.  We had 6 turnovers, they had 5.  Both teams had 7 shots on goal and 4 scoring chances.  We did dominate faceoff wins though at 13-4.. mostly thanks to Bergeron, who has been great lately.

2nd Period
-In the first minute, we get a great chance.
-A minute in, Turco makes a nice save as the Islanders get an offensive stand.  Then they take a shot that deflects and bounces in on goal.. Turco grabs it.
-3 mins in, Haley puts a big hit on Campbell that was almost boarding.. so Campbell fights Haley and gets some good punches in, but takes some too.  They both get 5 minute major fighting penalties.  It was Campbell’s 10th of the season.
-Right after we do some good offensive work and get some good chances.
-5 mins in, Rolston with a bomb of a shot, then off the rebound, Kelly scores high glove side.  This was Kelly’s career-high 20th goal of the season.  “Lets Go Bruins” breaks out again.
-7.5 mins in, Turco makes a nice save.
-9 mins in, Ference with a nice one-timer and Lucic gets a good chance with the rebound.
-11.5 mins in, Seguin across the goal to Bergeron for a great shot.  Then some good work and a nice one-timer by Bergeron.
-Then Thornton wins a faceoff and we get a good offensive stand.
-14 mins in, we a bit of a defensive breakdown and P.A. Parenteau scores.
-In the next minutes, we got some more good chances.

3rd Period
-In the first half of the period, we started getting our offense going and got some great scoring chances..
-3 mins in, Seguin did great work rushing in then giving a nice centering pass to Marchand, who fights through a couple of defensemen to jam the puck in the net for his 27th goal of the season.
-10 mins in, great shot by Bergeron.
-Then we get a nice rush.. Bergeron to Seguin.. he gets his 27th goal of the season.
-12 mins in, nice shot by Ference.. then a good offensive stand
-15 mins in, we had a defensive breakdown and Parenteau scores again.
-Then Zanon with a big hit in the neutral zone
-16 mins in, nice rush by Seguin and a shot up close.. Bergeron scores his 21st goal of the season off the rebound.
-Then right after, Lucic brings the puck in, passes back to Krejci.. he scores his 23rd goal of the season!  That’s two goals in 24 seconds for the Bruins.
-Then Peverley with a nice shot.
-18 mins in, Turco with a great poke save to stop a breakaway, then he makes a nice glove save right after.
-Then Campbell gets a good chance.
-With 30 seconds left, Campbell passes to Thornton for a good chance.
-It ends 6-3 Bruins.

Final Thoughts / Notes
-Mike Mottau played in this game since Dennis Seidenberg is still out with an infected cut.
-Adam McQuaid did not go to New York with the team this weekend as he is still out with an injured (and highly swelled up) eye from the big hit he took in the last game.
-With 19 saves, some of them huge, Marty Turco got another win.
-Bruins lead the league in goal differential (as they have been since their November-December run) with +65.
-The Senators beat the Flyers, so we’re still 6 points ahead of them with the same amount of games left..  We’ve clinched a spot in the playoffs, but we haven’t clinched the division quite yet.

Here’s NESN’s game preview (with Bruins/Islanders history & build-up):

Here’s a video of Gregory Campbell fighting Micheal Haley:

Here’s a video of Brad Marchand’s goal:

Here’s a video of David Krejci’s 2nd goal (taken from stands):

Here’s another video of David Krejci’s 2nd goal (taken from stands):

Here’s a video of Islanders goalie Al Montoya tripping Tyler Seguin:

Here’s a video recap of the goals and big saves in the game:

Here’s the NHL’s video recap of the game:,2,1169

Here’s the NHL’s page of video clips of the goals and some saves and hits:

Here’s the NHL’s photos from the game:

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