Bruins Cali Road Trip Part 2: Bruins Dethrone the Kings

Patrice Bergeron scores a short handed goal against Jonathan Quick off of Brad Marchand's rebound (3/24/12)

The Bruins' Patrice Bergeron scores a short-handed goal against Jonathan Quick off of the rebound from Brad Marchand's shot. This was only the second goal this season that the Kings have allowed.

3/24/12: Bruins at Kings - Final Score (4-2 Bruins)

The Bruins storm the castle in L.A. ..and succeed in overthrowing the Kings, who were riding a six game win streak!  It wasn’t easy by any means, but the Bruins put in that full 60 minute quality effort that they’ve been lacking and it paid off.  That, along with great work by Tim Thomas in net, and the team’s determination to get a win for team captain Zdeno Chara’s 1,000th game gave them the fuel they needed to take down one of the hottest teams in the league right now.

The Kings put up a great fight, but finally, the Bruins came out swinging from the start.  Both Tim Thomas and Jonathan Quick put on a goaltending clinic, but Thomas, in his 15th consecutive game, played like the Thomas we have all grown to love over the last few years.. a beast.  Of all the recent wins that have come after losses and slumps, this one felt the best.. because the Bruins truly got their rhythm back.  Hopefully they can keep it going and finish of their California road trip with another win, making it four wins in five games.

Zdeno Chara and the Bruins celebrate their win in Chara's 1,000th NHL game (3/24/12)

Zdeno Chara and the Bruins celebrate their win in Chara's 1,000th NHL game.

Here’s my notes from the game with the plays I felt were worth highlighting and ranting about, along with some videos…

1st Period
-In the second minute, Tim Thomas makes a big point-blank save.
-Almost four minutes in, the Bruins get some great chances.
-Six minutes in, Tyler Seguin makes a nice neutral zone steal, then takes a nice shot.
-Soon after, we do some good offensive work.. Dennis Seidenberg with a good one-timer.
-A couple minutes later, nice save by Thomas, good defensive work.. then we get an offensive rush and a good chance.. then back the other way, another nice save by Thomas.
-Just over halfway through the period, Trevor Lewis puts a hard check on Chris Kelly, then Kelly fights him, gets some good hits in and a sweet punch on the way to pushing him to the ground.  Lot’s of Bruins fans cheer.. once again, we see our fans everywhere.  This was Kelly’s 3rd fighting major.
-In the next minutes, we get some good chances, and Thomas makes some big saves.
-15 minutes in, Greg Zanon takes a nice shot from the blue line as he rushed ahead.
-Then Jarret Stoll with all sorts of holding nowhere near the puck.. then he holds Daniel Paille, tackles him to the ground, and holds him there.. Paille tries to go after him but the ref steps in and Stoll runs to the bench like a bitch.
-Then the Kings get away with tripping.
-Almost 17 minutes in, they stop play.. maybe to review and see if there was a goal, or a penalty.. no, they were checking the time on the clock.  After like five minutes they determined it was right.. wow, good job NHL!
-Then, in our end, some big hits on both sides.. Kings hit post.. more big hits.. then Justin Williams gets a roughing penalty.. it was about time, some of their hits were too high.
-The Kings are 4th in the league on the penalty kill, and the Bruins are 13th in converting the power play…
-On the power play:
–We start off with some good puck movement and some great shots.. Quick had to make three big saves.
–Then some more good work and Brian Rolston gets a nice one-timer from the blue line, then Jordan Caron with a nice shot off the rebound.
–A minute into it, the Kings finally clear the puck.  We eventually get back in their zone.. Andrew Ference gets a good shot.  Then once again, they stop to review something.  They end up removing 5 seconds from the game time but the power play time remains the same.
–As the it ends, David Krejci rushes in and gets a good shot off.
-The period ends tied 0-0.
-So far Rolston and Caron are the only forwards on the Bruins that have gotten shots on goal.  We have brough our physical game, but we have also allowed the Kings to get more scoring chances.
-Tim Thomas has looked sharp with 15 saves already.
-Bruins are 13-8-2 this season when tied after the first period.

2nd Period
-Almost a minute in, Brad Marchand with a big hit as Seguin gets called for a hooking call that was totally wrong.. he had one hand on his stick and made no hooking motion at all.
-On the penalty kill:
–Seidenberg with a big hit on Drew Doughty, who then goes to the bench hurt.
–We kill the penalty off.. a shoving match starts after the whistle in their end.
-Then we get some great chances and shots.. nice work by David Krejci and Milan Lucic.
-Then almost five minutes in, the Kings get some good chances and Rolston gets a holding penalty.. it could just as easily have not been called.. it wasn’t much.
-On the penalty kill:
–Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron with great work in the neutral zone, then Marchand steals the puck, rushes in, takes a nice shot.. Bergeron scores on the rebound!  This was his 20th goal and the Bruins’ 8th shot-handed goal this season.  It was only the second short-handed goal that L.A. has allowed this season!
–As the it ends, Marchand ahead to Bergeron.. back to Marchand for a good chance.. We keep it in their and with some good work.. more great chances.  Zanon with a big shot.
-Halfway through the period, Zanon with another nice shot from the blue line.  We’ve started getting into a rhythm and the Kings haven’t gotten a shot in a while.
-11.5 mins in, the Kings get an offensive rush and Thomas makes a great point-blank blocker save.
-Then Paille with some good work and chances. Then Johnny Boychuk with a rocket and Quick with a big save.
-Then Marchand with a breakaway and a nice shot.
-Then coming back our way, Doughty to Colin Fraser.. they score.. it was just barely inside the post.  This was only Fraser’s second goal this season.. and his first goal in 58 or 68 games!.. I didn’t hear which they said.
-16 minutes in, the Kings get an offensive stand and Thomas loses his stick, but still makes a couple of saves.
-Almost 18 minutes in, Lucic with a big hit.  Then Zdeno Chara gets called for high sticking.. and he’s our top penalty killer.
-On the penalty kill:
–Bergeron wins the face-off to start it and gives a good effort to clear it himself.
–Then then get back in our end.. the Kings get a great chance but Thomas makes a huge save with his arm while on the ground.. then again on a rebound shot.. they stay in our end and get more great chances.. Thomas makes some more huge saves.  We kill the rest of the penalty off and the period ends tied 1-1.
-The Bruins have now had 14 scoring chances, the Kings have had 11.
-We didn’t allow the Kings to get a shot on goal until 11.5 minutes in.
-We improved a lot in this period.. tons of great scoring chances.

3rd Period
-Early on, we get some good chances, but they do too and Thomas makes some big saves.  It starts to get nasty with lots of shoving after the whistle.
-Almost five minutes in, we do some great work getting out of our zone and into theirs.. Caron to Lucic.. he shoots a dart and scores five-hole!  This was his 24th goal of the season.  His first goal as a Bruin was on October 12, 2007 in L.A..  That was that last time before this game that we won against them on the road.
-Then a minute later, we do the same thing.. Zanon gives a great pass ahead out of our zone.. we rush in.. Rolston.. to Pouliot.. he fakes a shot then passes to Kelly.. he scores!  This was Kelly’s 19th goal of the season.
-Almost eight minutes in, Caron with a big hit.
-Halfway through, Marchand with a great steal then shot.
-Soon after, Thomas makes two great positional saves.. he couldn’t see the puck on either of them from being screened.
-11 minutes in, Lucic with good back pressure makes a nice steal, then passes to Krejci for a nice shot.
-Then the Kinges make a good stand and Thomas has to make some saves.
-Then 14 mins in, Lucic with great work to bring the puck up and get by three Kings players, then pass to Krejci for a great shot.. Quick makes a huge save.
-Then they come back our way and Thomas makes a great save on a shot that was deflected twice.
-Then off the resulting face-off, Slava Voynov grabs the loose puck and scores.  This was only his seventh goal of the season.
-Almost 16 minutes in, we get some good chances.. then Thomas has to make a big save.. then Caron just tries to pull his stick loose, but Stoll draws the high-sticking penalty.
-On the penalty kill:
–We start off with good work to keep the puck to the perimeter, then clear it.
–Then they come back and we repeat with the help of a big save by Thomas.
–We kill it off only allowing one shot.  The Kings are 0-4 on the power play in this game.
-With one minute left, the Kings pull Quick for the extra attacker.
-Bergeron wins the face-off in our end and we clear the puck.
-Back in our end, Thomas makes a nice save.
-Then they get some great chances and Thomas make a bunch of amazing saves all real quick.. then going the other way, Marchand with great work to poke the puck lose, then knock it perfectly with the backhand around the defender and into the empty net to score just as the time expires.  Wooooooo!  This was Marchand’s 25th goal of the season.

Final Thoughts / Notes
-Going into this game, the Bruins lost four straight road games.. something they hadn’t done since December of 2009.
-Going into this game, the Kings had won six straight games!
-This was Zdeno Chara’s 1,000th game in the NHL!  In the six years he’s been with the Bruins, he has a +/- rating of +94!  His first goal as a Bruin was on October 26, 2006 against our biggest rivals, the Montreal Canadiens.
-Going into this game, Tim Thomas’ career record against the Kings was 0-4-1.  Tuukka Rask’s is much better with a shutout earlier this season.. just shows how much we’re hurting without him.  This was Tim Thomas’ 15th consecutive game and he had a ridiculous 41 saves!
-The Bruins had 19 scoring chances.. the Kings had 25.  The Bruins had 26 shots on goal.. the Kings had 43!  The Kings outchanced and outshot us, but we still won 4-2.. that shows how great our offense was and how amazing Thomas was in net.

Here’s NESN’s game preview (with Bruins/Kings history & build-up):

Here’s a video of Chris Kelly fighting and taking down Trevor Lewis:

Here’s a video of Jonathan Quick’s crazy save on David Krejci:

Here’s a video of the crazy last 30 seconds of the game with some big saves by Tim Thomas and an empty net goal by Brad Marchand at the buzzer:

Here’s a video recap of the goals and some saves from the game:

Here’s the NHL’s video recap of the game:,2,1117

Here’s the NHL’s photos from the game:

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