Bruins Dominate the Maple Leafs in a 8-0 Win!

Brad Marchand celebrates his powerplay goal against James Reimer with Patrice Bergeron (3/19/12)

The Bruins' Brad Marchand celebrates his powerplay goal against James Reimer with Patrice Bergeron.

3/19/12: Bruins vs Maple Leafs - Final Score (8-0 Bruins)

The Bruins are back!!  They played the Maple Leafs for the sixth and final time this season and it was a total blowout.. and a shutout at that!  With this win, the Bruins have swept the season series against them.. which neither team has ever done!  We definitely proved that we are the better team, outscoring them 36-10 this season.  We have also shown that we are not to be underestimated.  With how poorly the Bruins have played recently, they were starting to be looked at as a non-factor that was having an epic Red Sox style collapse.  Even I was getting worried.  But it looks like they’ve turned it all around.  Ever since Adam McQuaid got in Scott Hartnell’s face near the benches in the St. Paddy’s Day game and got the Bruins’ adrenaline pumping, they’ve come back hard.

They seem to have gotten back into their rhythm.. and that goes for the whole team, including Tim Thomas, who was playing more like himself (really well), as well as our new players Brian Rolston and Greg Zanon.  Rolston is looking much more comfortable in the Bruins scheme with a goal and three assists in this game.  Zanon is also proving to be a good get as he’s been giving us some solid defense.. something we’ve been lacking outside of our top defensemen.  Even though Joe Corvo has stepped up his game, he was scratched in this game because Zanon has been playing better.

So, the Bruins seemed to have turned around and got their game back, as well as filled some of the holes on the team.  Now they’ll go on to a west coast road trip playing all three California teams.  These teams are all outside of the playoff bracket, but they’re really close and desperate to get in.  So they will be bringing their best game, but they’re still only average teams, so the Bruins should be able to get a five game win streak by beating them all.  Before the trip, they will take their last two-day break of the season.  I feel confident that these will be some great games and that the Bruins will maintain their rhythm.

Milan Lucic beats up Mike Komisarek (3/19/12)

After 4 years of bad blood between the two, Milan Lucic destroys Mike Komisarek.

Here’s my notes from the game with the plays I felt were worth highlighting and ranting about, along with some videos…

1st Period
-We immediately started with some good offensive zone work.. Patrice Bergeron tipped a shot just wide.
-Tyler Seguin hit former Bruin Phil Kessel to keep the offensive stand alive.
-We dominated the first few minutes..  Chris Kelly knocks the puck loose from Luke Schenn in their end.. Benoit Pouliot gets it, back to Kelly, he stick handles around their goalie, James Reimer.. easy goal!  This was Kelly’s career high 18th goal.. he also has 6 points in the last 6 games he played!
-Soon after, Johnny Boychuk had a bomb of a shot.. rebound.. David Krejci gets a good quick shot off.
-5 mins in, more good work, Gregory Campbell grabs a loose puck behind their net.. beats Reimer with a wrap-around goal!
-Colby Armstrong, the guy that Dennis Seidenberg beat the crap out of last time is playing with a face cage because his nose got broken.
-11 mins in, GREAT puck movement for awhile in their zone, trying to setup a good shot.. Boychuk with a bomb one-timer, Pouliot deflects it and scores!  The Maple Leafs still haven’t gotten a shot on goal.
-A minute later, the Maple Leafs finally get a shot on goal.. One of the Bruins checks their shooter hard after the play.. then a shoving match breaks out.. out of all of it, Jay Rosehill gets a roughing for a big hit he did when he joined the scuffle.. Campbell ends up fighting Schenn.. Campbell wasn’t looking to fight, but he will not back down.. even though he’s still hurt from his last fight..  He’s a true Bruin.
-Right at the start of our resulting power play, Seguin was patient with the puck, then he threads the needle with a pass right across the ice between two Maple Leafs to Brad Marchand on the other side of the goal.. he scores his 24th goal of the season!
-The Maple Leafs pull their goalie and send in Jonas Gustavsson.. and you know that means they weren’t happy with Reimer because Gustavsson’s stats against the Bruins this season are terrible.  As Jack Edwards puts it, “Reimer takes the Skate of Luongo… as that pathway from that goal to that tunnel, forever will be known..”  Reminding us of how badly we beat down Vancouver’s goalie Roberto Luongo in the Stanley Cup Finals last year and how much the Canucks suck.
-At the benches, Mike Komisarek starts hitting Milan Lucic away from the play.. Lucic hits back.. the refs try to stop it but no.. Komisarek didn’t want to back down.. maybe because of the history between these two.. but regardless, it was a bad decision on his part.. Lucic destroys him, connecting with like 10 uppercuts amid a flurry of other punches.  This has been brewing since 2009 when they fought and Komisarek was on the Habs.  There are videos of their old fights below.
-Komisarek gets a 5 min major penalty.. Lucic gets that and an extra 2 minute minor.. so the Maples Leafs get a power play.
-We kill the penalty well and end it with a good 2-on-1 rush and a nice shot by Seguin.
-16 mins in, Daniel Paille had a great defensive play.. he got just enough on their guy’s stick to keep him from getting a good shot.
-The period ends 4-0 Bruins.
-Bruins had 4 goals, the Maple Leafs only had 2 shots.

Benoit Pouliot tips a shot into the goal against James Reimer (3/19/12)

The Bruins' Benoit Pouliot tips a shot into the goal past the Maple Leafs' goalie James Reimer.

2nd Period
-Once again, we start off right away with some good work.
-A couple minutes in, Gustavsson tries to stop the puck behind his net but misses it.. Rolston gets it, sends it quickly to Pouliot.. he scores his second goal of the night!
-Zdeno Chara draws a penalty..  On the power play, great work by Krejci coming in fast, passing ahead.  Then Jordan Caron gets physical at the boards to get the puck to Rolston.. to Chara for one-timer.. scores!  We’re now 2 for 2 on the power play tonight and Chara is second in the league for power play goals with eight.
-Almost 9 mins in, Paille gets a breakaway and nice shot.
-Some more great chances.  Seguin rushing in tries a cross pass, it gets deflected into the air towards goal.. Marchand catches it and quickly puts it down and shoots a nice backhand shot.
-11 mins in, McQuaid has a nice big hit to stop a Maple Leafs rush.
-Then Kelly to Pouliot on a 3-on-1 rush.. good chance.
-14 mins in, Schenn with a big high hit on Paille.  The Maple Leafs had just started to get some good offensive zone time.. but still have only 6 shots on goal.
-18 mins in, Shawn Thornton and Gregory Campbell with great work to control the puck behind their net.. while getting checked.. Thornton got a hard check that was close to boarding, so he turned around and gave the guy a nice jab.
-With about 30 seconds left, Krejci with a great move to spin around one of the Maple Leafs as they made a poor decision to change lines.. he comes back in the offensive zone, quick pass to Rolston, one-timer.. he gets his first goal as a Bruin (since coming back)!
-The period ends 7-0 Bruins.
-The Bruins have 7 goals, the Maple Leafs have only 7 shots on goal.

The puck goes between the legs of Jonas Gustavsson for Benoit Pouliot's second goal (3/19/12)

The Maple Leafs' goalie Jonas Gustavsson does what he does best against the Bruins and lets Benoit Pouliot's shot get by him for his second goal of the game.

3rd Period
-In the first minute, Caron gets a holding penalty.
-On the penalty kill, we play some good defense and Thomas makes the best save of the night..  We kill off the penalty.  With such a big lead going into this period, there was speculation they might put Marty Turco in net to give Thomas some rest.. but Thomas wanted to finish the game.. and I don’t blame him.. he’s killin’ it!
-About 9 mins in, Matt Frattin has a bomb of a shot and Thomas with a big glove save.
-14 mins in, we get a good offensive stand with some great chances.
-With about 3 mins left, Paille limped to the locker room.. he took a shot from Chara in the left leg.
-18 mins in, Thornton with a nice steal then pass to Lucic for a good shot.
-Half a minute later, Krejci across to Seguin.. goal!
-The fans cheer “Thank you Kessel!”  Getting rid of him paved the way for the great team that we have now.  As good of a shooter as he is, he’s not a team player at all.
-The game ends 8-0 Bruins!

Tim Thomas celebrates his 31st win and 5th shutout of the season (2nd against the Maple Leafs) (3/19/12)

The Bruins' goalie Tim Thomas celebrates his 31st win and 5th shutout of the season. Against the Maple Leafs this season, his record was 5-0-0 with 2 shutouts.

Final Thoughts
-With this win, the Bruins have swept the season series against the Maple Leafs (6-0).  In those six games, we scored 4+ goals (averaging 6) and only allowed an average of 1.67 goals against us.  Neither team has ever swept a series before!
This was the Bruins’ 3rd shutout with 8 or more goals this season!  It was only the 2nd time in NHL history that a team has gotten three such shutouts in one season..  The only other team to have done it was the 1973-74 Bruins!
-The Bruins had 100% success tonight both on the power play and the penalty kill (2 each).
-Joe Corvo was a healthy scratch.  Greg Zanon played instead since he played well in our last game.  Rich Peverley was skating earlier in the day and his status is day-to-day.
-Tyler Seguin has only played 2 less playoff games than Phil Kessel as a Bruin.. and it’s only his second year in the league!  Shows how great of a move it was to trade Kessel.
-Brian Rolston had a great game with 3 assists and a goal.. good to see him fitting in.
-Tim Thomas is now 5-0-0 against the Maple Leafs as he got his 31st win with his 5th shutout this season (2nd against the Maple Leafs).. and it was the fewest saves he’s ever had to make with 13 (it’s also the fewest shots a goalie has faced since 2002).  That’s not to say they were easy though.. the Maple Leafs had some good chances.  As for the Maple Leafs’ goalies.. well, they allowed 8 goals in only 24 shots!
-Shawn Thornton just signed a new 2 year contract with the Bruins saying it was his home now..  He currently leads the NHL this season with 20 fighting majors.. and he’s not just fighting randomly.. he’s doing it when we need it.. and even when the opponent is bigger.
-This was Claude Julien’s 400th game as the Bruins coach, tying Don Cherry for the third most in club history.
-This was the Bruins 4th game with 7+ goals this season.. and all of them were shutouts!
-With 10 games left in the season, we are now 3 points ahead of the Ottawa Senators in the battle for the Northeast Division lead with one less game played.

Here’s NESN’s game preview (with Bruins/Maple Leafs history & build-up):

Here’s a video recap of all of the goals and both fights:

Here’s a video of Gregory Campbell fighting Luke Schenn:

Here’s a video of Milan Lucic destroying Michael Komisarek:

Here are some videos of the Lucic/Komisarek bad blood history:
It started here (11/13/08):

Then there was this (4/9/09):

Then there was this (4/22/09):

You can also see the above video in HD here (along with game highlights):

You can also see all the goals and some saves from the game here:

Here’s the NHL’s video recap of the game:,2,1082

Here’s the NHL’s photos from the game:

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