The Bruins Make Like Caesar and Get Killed on the Ides of March

Jose Theodore gets help defending the net against Gregory Campbell (3/15/12)

The Panthers' goalie Jose Theodore gets help defending the net against the Bruins' Gregory Campbell.

3/15/12: Bruins at Lightning - Final Score (6-2 Panthers)

Damn!  The Bruins played the Panthers last night and once again they struggled.  They’ve now become what all the teams were that we were beating by 5 or 6 goals back in October: a broken down mess!  While there is some legitimacy to their excuses of being fatigued.. especially since everyone’s playing more to cover for those out with injuries.. but that’s not their only issue.. they can’t do anything right.  Most of the goals we allowed were ugly, being due to defensive breakdowns and people standing around trying to figure out who to cover (i.e. the Panthers’ third goal).  Also, Tim Thomas started in net, and he is definitely the most fatigued out of anyone.. and the most important to our success..  So I completely disagree with the decision to start him.  The Bruins are now on a very slippery slope and hope more than anything in the world that they can get it together and that the injured players can get healthy soon.  Until then, I’ll be sobbing in the corner.

Here’s my notes from the game with the plays I felt were worth highlighting and ranting about, along with some videos…

1st Period
-To start, some good work, Johnny Boychuk with a nice shot
-Campbell does some good puck work.. this season he has 4 goals.. but 40 assists!
-Coach Claude Julien said the David Krejci/Tyler Seguin/Milan Lucic line was a liability (playing sych poor defense), so he broke it up.
-(we’ve allowed the 1st goal in 9 of last 11, 1st 2 goals in last 3 straight and last 4 of 6)
-5 mins in, great chance with Kelly in front, then a shot hits Pouliot in the leg hard and he goes down.
-Right after, going the other way, Garrison’s bomb saved by Thomas
-6 mins in, Boychuk nice blocked shot.. a bit later great job defensively under pressure to keep the puck away from his pursuer with some dekes.
-A minute later, Brian Rolston does a nice job to angle off Marco Sturm (former Bruin) bringing the puck into our zone.
-9 mins in.. Brian Campbell put a dirty hip-check on Marchand.. hitting him right in the knee.. Bergeron tried to fight Campbell right after, but he’s a pussy so he wouldn’t.. then Marchand responds with unsportsmanlike conduct.. gets penalty.. people say Campbell’s not dirty.. remember when he destroyed Umburger years ago, hitting him hard up high, leaving him dazed on the ground.. a hit that’s totally illegal now
-Bruins get a nice shorthanded rush, then Jose Theodore plays the puck outside the trapezoid and gets delay of game penalty.
-Near end of our power play: Krejci back to Seidenberg at the blue line, nice shot
-15 mins in, great breakout, good quick movement through the neutral zone, Caron with a shot that almost went in.
-17 mins in, Thornton gets cross-checking penalty for being behind #43 Weaver who just lost his edge and went into the boards hard.. right before it, Gregory Campbell with perfect example of a legit hit.. he slows down and turns so his side hits the guy.. we know NHL, we know.. we’re being extra careful for you
-big save Thomas right after
-On the penalty kill, we hold them off for a while, but Mikael Samuelsson scores his 10th goal of the season from the perimeter.. Thomas was screened.. 10th time in 12 games we gave up first goal.
-15 secs left, nice shot Seguin
-In the last seconds, Boychuck shoots, tipped by Bergeron, close chance.
-The first period ends 1-0 Panthers, but the Bruins seemed to be controlling the game a bit more and playing better.

2nd Period
-40 secs in, Brian Campbell scores his 5th goal.. deflection by Marcel Goc.. but when he tipped it, was it below the crossbar and legal?  They say yes after review.. it was really close.  This was his 10th goal of the season.
-(allowed first 2 goals in 4 of the last 5 now)
-2 mins in, Pouliot nice carry in and shot
-right after the resulting face-off, another good chance with one of the Bruins right in front of the net
-Soon after, Caron nice hit
-5 mins in, Pouliot to Corvo.. shoots with Rolston semi-screening.. he scores his 4th goal of the season!
-6 mins in, Panthers score.. Stephen Weiss shoots, great save by Thomas.. but he got the rebound and scored his 17th goal of the season.
-after a nice offensive drive, shoving match
-(Bruins haven’t lost 4 in a row since the 2009-10 season.. January 18th-27th)
-9 mins in, Thomas 2 quick big saves
-11 mins, Marchand steals it in their end, pass to Bergeron, back to Marchand, nice shot.. then some good offensive work.
-Good work and good chance right after
-13.5 mins in, Marchand backhand pass from behind their net to Seguin in front.. great chance
-14 mins in, nice save Thomas on Samuelsson.
-15.5 mins in, bad pass in defensive zone into Campbell’s skates.. one of them grabs it, defensive breakdown, John Madden (not the John Madden) hits it and it just hops over Thomas for a goal… his fuckin’ first of the fuckin’ season!!
-17 mins in, Chara to Bergeron nice shot.. some good offensive zone puck movement
-Bergeron nice shot, then Seguin facing away from net and falling tries to shoot the rebound but can’t quite get it
-Bergeron with a great effort as usual, playing in pain, but making good plays
-In the last minute, Lucic to Caron, good chance.. then some good offensive work
-The period ends 4-1 Panthers and we’ve now taken a few steps back from the level we were playing at in the first period.

3rd Period
-A min in, Marchand nice spin move to protect puck then chip it ahead while getting tripped.. their #57 gets a tripping penalty.
-45 secs into the power play, some good puck work, Chara across to Rolston at the perimeter.. Rolston one-timer.. he gets his first goal as a Bruin (5th of the season)!
-Right after that we had a jump in our step.. some good work and chances.
-After that, nice save Thomas.
-Soon after, Boychuk to the slot for Seguin just ahead of him but good chance
-Then some more good work and Corvo with a nice shot from the blue line.. 4 mins in now.
-5.5 mins in, Marchand to McQuaid one-timer, nice shot
-8 mins in, a defensive pass deflects off one of our skates, Tomas Kopecky shoots the loose puck and scores his 8th goal of the season.
-9 mins in, Seidenberg with a nice shot from the blue line
-Great chance with puck going back and forth all over the place in front of their goal, everyone with quick passes to try to get a good opening, but nobody could control
-10 mins in we’re back in there.. Paille with a good shot.
-I had some more notes that got lost, but the Bruins did step it up a bit in the second half of the period and got some more good chances.. but as with the second period, we looked much worse than in the first.  With a couple minutes left, Wojtek Wolski scores what is only his 3rd goal this season.  The game ends 6-2 Panthers and I die a little inside.

Final Thoughts
-Tim Thomas starts in net.. I totally disagree with that decision.  Theodore starts for Florida.  Going into this game, this season, both have a 2.40 GAA, but Thomas’ record is 29-17-0 and Theodore’s is 20-13-7.
-Bruins are 2-1-0 against Panthers this season
-Going into this game, Bruins lead the NHL in +/- with a +53 (I remember in October/November when it was more like +70.. back when we averaged something like 6 goals per game for a couple of weeks).
-Bruins haven’t lost four in a row all season.
-Bergeron was the only player not in practice the day before.  (I think I heard that after blocking shots in the last two games that caused some minor injury, he did it once again in practice.. just can’t stop this guy from going all out).
-if we lose and Ottawa wins in Montreal tomorrow (the worst team in the conference and real shitty this year) then we trade places with them and go from 2nd to 7th in conference.
-(They show Campbell getting with a cut on the side of his eye being attended to.. not sure what happened.. sorry my gf and her friend were distracting me)
-11.5 mins left, Seguin good back pressure to stop their offensive drive
-A min later Seidenberg gets a tripping penalty for a hit he gave with his leg a bit extended
-On the PL” a min in, some big saves Thomas.. then soon after Bergenheim with a pick (should be interference).. no call
-Just over 15 mins in, Ference with a good shot driving in
-4 mins left, Chara throws on goal, Campbell jamming in front has a good chance.
-right after, going the other way. Sturm with puck fumbling, but shoots, save by Thomas
-17.5 mins 2 on 1, Wolski scores wide open net
-(we went 21-2-1 in a 2 month period)
-a min later, Thomas with a nice save
-Ides of March (13th or 15th depending on the moon).. 6-1 and 6-2 losses.
-The Bruins are now 16-18-2 since New Year’s.
-Thomas was bad, defensive was bad, effort was bad.. Red Sox collapse all over again?  Well lots of bullshit calls and little things don’t help.  Forwards aren’t backchecking or playing defense.  Third goal was teeerrrrible defense.. guys just standing around.

Here’s NESN’s game preview (with some Bruins/Panthers history & build-up):

Here’s a video of Brian Campbell’s dirty hip-check on Brad Marchand:

Here’s a high def version of the above video:

Here’s another version of the above video, but this is the one with all the ridiculous comments:

YouTube comments for video of Brian Campbell's hip-check on Brad Marchand (3/15/12)

People defend Brian Campbell for his hit on Brad Marchand shown above by saying he’s not dirty or a fighter so it obviously wasn’t intentionally dirty.  Well, we know he’s not a fighter because he was too much of a pussy to fight Patrice Bergeron after the hit.. and Bergeron is not big and never fights, so nobody should be afraid to fight him.. But do we know that Campbell is also not dirty?  NO!  You all forget (or maybe never saw) his huge dirty hit up high on R. J. Umberger.. let me remind you…
Here’s a video of a The Hit” by Brian Campbell, proving that he’s dirty:

Here’s a better quality version of the above video of “The Hit”:

Here’s a video recap of the goals in the game:

Here’s the NHL’s video recap of the game:,2,1057

Here’s the NHL’s photos from the game:

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One Response to The Bruins Make Like Caesar and Get Killed on the Ides of March

  1. Now that’s a great headline – only its too bad we were “Veni Vidi Vici’d” by the Panthers. The bruins should’ve easily conquered these little Florida pussycats – I mean 4 of our starting players came from them after all.

    1) Horton played 422 games over six seasons for them – scoring 142 goals and 153 assists (with a +27 rating and 382 penalty minutes)
    2) Bruins left winger Gregory Campbell played 363 games over six seasons for Florida, scoring 29 goals and 56 assists (with a minus-39 rating and 312 penalty minutes)
    3) Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg played in 62 games in the 2009-10 season for Florida, scoring two goals and 21 assists (with a minus-three rating and 33 penalty minutes.)
    4) Panthers winger Marco Sturm played in 302 games over five seasons for the Bruins. He scored 106 goals and 87 assists (with a plus-24 and 156 penalty minutes.)

    yet none of them can seem to rally against their former teammates/coach and stuff a couple back in their face? Nope, they sat down and took it like a bunch of little chumps.

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