Bruins Still Playing from Behind, Fall to Penguins

Marty Turco makes a crazy, acrobatic save against Jordan Staal (3/11/12)

In his first appearance in the NHL this season, the Bruins' new goalie Marty Turco makes a crazy, acrobatic save against Jordan Staal, blocking the puck with his foot.

3/11/12: Bruins at Penguins - Final Score (5-2 Penguins)

Yesterday the Bruins played the current hottest team in the NHL, the Penguins, and gave them their ninth straight win.  As with the Capitals game the day before, the Bruins were playing from behind, and that’s losing hockey.  Yes, the Penguins are the hottest team right now, and yes we played two games in 24 hours, and yes Tim Thomas started his ninth game in a row (and second in 24 hours), and yes we have a ton of top players out with injuries, but that shouldn’t automatically mean that we struggle through every game.  All of those things actually do matter quite a bit, but our recent wins over the Sabres and the Maple Leafs showed us that we can still make this work.. or so I thought.  I think if the Bruins can get back that jump in their step that they had a few months ago, they’ll be fine.. but right now, they are very sluggish and tired, and more importantly, they seem to be too relaxed and content with just taking an easy right into the playoffs.

Wake up Bruins!  We love you and we want you to make a legitimate run for consecutive Stanley Cups.. but if you just sit back like you are now, you’re going to slip to a lower position in the standings and will probably have to face one of the two hottest teams, the Rangers or the Penguins, in the first round!  I will cut them some slack since they all have to play more to cover for the injured players and are getting very tired out.. but I’ve seen what this team is capable of, even with the current roster.. Jordan Caron, called up from the minors, gets five points in two games.. David Krejci getting a hat-trick.. they have the potential.  So Bruins, do whatever you need to do to get amped and pumped up, then get out there and start kicking some ass!

Here’s my notes from the game with the plays I felt were worth highlighting and ranting about, along with some videos…

1st Period
-Just over a minute in, nice save by Tim Thomas.
-Then going the other way, Tyler Seguin to Milan Lucic with a wide open net on the other side, but the pass was just ahead of him.
-A minute later, Evgeni Malkin, the Penguins star who’s been carrying the team, and will be considered for MVP, rushes in and shoots.. nice save Thomas.
-Soon after, nice shot by Brian Rolston.
-Lane MacDermid had a nice hit on Eric Tangradi in our end..
-But then Shawn Thornton partially blocks a shot.. Arron Asham gets it and scores.
-At 4.5 mins in, James Neal gets an interference penalty for hitting Zdeno Chara hard into the boards after he had already passed the puck away.
-On the power play, Jordan Caron puts the puck right through the slot but nobody gets it.. the Penguins (who have a killed of 37 of their last 40 penalties) keep clearing it.. David Krejci takes a nice shot.. the Penguins kill the penalty.
-Penguins miscommunication left the puck open in front of their net for Rolston, but he couldn’t control it.
-Soon after, 7 mins in, Adam McQuaid hits Neal and gets hurt.. a second later they take a shot, it deflects and goes in.
-Right after, Thomas has to make a couple quick big saves.
-8 mins in Caron rushes in, loses an edge and gets a big hit.
-Soon after, big save by Thomas on Matt Niskanen.
-9 mins in, Lucic put a couple of nice hits on Pascal Dupuis to keep him from doing anything as he carried the puck in.
-10.5 mins in, nice save by Thomas.
-11 mins in, Dennis Seidenberg gives a big hit.
-Right after, good save by Thomas.
-12 mins in, it looked like Malkin hits Johnny Boychuk in the head with his stick.. Caron gets in Malkin’s face on the way to the bench.
-Soon after, two quick good chances for the Bruins.
-In the next few minutes, Bruins making better decisions, good plays.
-17 mins in, Krejci tried to get the puck from the Penguins’ goalie Marc-Andre Fleury who had it behind his net.. knocks over Fleury.. no call.. but Lucic gets a penalty for slashing.
-On the penalty kill: Chara puts a big hit on Neal as revenge for earlier and gets an interference penalty since the puck was already passed away.. but it was close (and Brad Marchand clubbed Neal, but no call).  Now its 5-on-3 for the Penguins.
-Penguins bring in 5 forwards.. we kill most of the 5-on-3, but in the end, Neal scores.
-With about 40 secs left in the period, Seidenberg tried to get the puck from Malkin, who
dives forward to get a tripping penalty called.. another 5-on-3 for the Penguins.  Wow, Evgeni Malkin is not only dirty, he’s a flopper!!
-We kill the 5-on-3 and the period ends.
-The period ends 3-0 Penguins.
-The scorers: Asham (4th goal), Niskanen (4th goal), Neal (31st goal)
-Boston in a hole for the 5th straight game.

2nd Period
-McQuaid does not return from his injury.
-We start the second period with Marty Turco in net.. should’ve just started him!
-Now we have to finish killing about a minute and a half of that last penalty from the first period…
-Penguins were told to keep working Patrice Bergeron, knowing he’ll take some pain to help his team.. he blocks a shot a minute in with his knee and has to go to the locker room.
-Right after we kill the penalty, Lucic to Seguin to Krejci on a breakaway, he shoots high
corner on the glove side and scores!

David Krejci scores against Marc-Andre Fleury (3/11/12)

The Bruins' David Krejci scores against the Penguins' goalie Marc-Andre Fleury.

-Turco makes a nice pad stop.
-Soon after, Boychuk makes a great pass backwards between his legs to get the puck out of our zone.
-Then a nice save by Turco on a Penguins odd man rush.
-After that, the Penguins win the face-off, Neal across to Chris Kunitz.. he scores.
-After that we get a couple good scoring chances.
-Soon after, Turco sprawls out to grab the puck amid a crowd in front of the net.
-Boychuk then Chara both give Malkin nice hits.
-7 mins in, great pass by Seguin to Lucic, just missed, then Seguin another great pass behind him to Seidenberg who had a great shot.
-A minute later, Caron has a nice shot, Fleury stops it, then a shoving match starts, led by Chris Kelly and Brad Marchand.
-After that, Caron had some nice puck possession, then nice shot by Chara.
-Then right after, Turco makes crazy save with his foot as he was on his back (photo at the top of this post).
-Seguin nice neutral zone steal, to Lucic, around the net, pass to Krejci in front..
he scores!!
-11 mins in, nice shot by Boychuk.. good offensive zone time and some nice shots.
-13 mins in, Malkin 1-on-1 with Andrew Ference.. Ference puts a nice hit on him to keep him from doing anything.
-Then Krejci puts a nice hit on Joe Vitale.
-17 mins in, some great chances.. one of them was really close: Joe Corvo pinching in.. hits the crossbar.
-A minute later, great steal by Kelly, then he gets a 2-on-1 with Marchand.. nice shot.
-A minute later, Turco a few saves in a row.
-In the last minute, nice work to keep it in the offensive zone and some good chances.
-With 5 secs left, we win face-off and Lucic with a shot.
-The period ends 4-2 Penguins.

3rd Period
-We start off by doing well to keep it in the offensive zone.
-2 mins in, Vitale gets a breakaway and Turco gets his glove on it to
make a save.
-A minute later, some good puck movement and a good shot by Seidenberg.
-5 mins in, good offensive work, Rolston to another Bruin for one timer.. nice shot.
-Turco is doing such a good job of moving the puck away from his goal quickly that the
Penguins can’t establish a fore-check.. he’s also getting into being a Bruin: he gave a
nice little chop at one of the Penguins’ legs.
-Nice hit on Dupuis.. I think by Boychuk.
-7 mins in, Thornton nice pass to the slot for Gregory Campbell, who couldn’t quite get it.
-10.5 mins in, Marchand takes a hit from Vitale to make a play.. gets hurt.. has to skate to the bench.
-13 mins in, nice save by Turco.
-Half a minute later, BITCH-ASS DOUCHEBAG Evgeni Malkin hits Boychuk HARD into the boards head-first.. he looks dazed and has to go to the locker room.. I really hope it’s not a concussion. It should be a 5 min major penalty AND suspension!! ..but no.. only a 2 min minor penalty.. FUCK YOU REFS! That’s some serious home fuckin’ cooking.
-On the power play, we got some nice chances, Krejci with a great shot off of a rebound, but big save by Fleury.
-We can’t get it going in the second half of the power play and the Penguins kill it.
-16 mins in, Dupuis knocks the puck loose from Lucic, gets a breakaway.. forehand to
backhand shot, Turco gets a bit of his foot on it.. but it goes in.
-18 mins in, Boychuk is back out there, and has a nice shot.
-Boychuk going in to net, Fleury comes out and hits him.. Boychuk goes crashing into the post.. he totally wasn’t trying to run Fleury over, but he gets a goaltender interference penalty anyways.. there’s some real objectiveness, refs.. nice.
-We keep them from scoring during the penalty kill, the game ends, we lose 5-2.

Final Thoughts
-The Penguins are the current hottest team, now with 9 straight wins.  Further, since losing their superstar Sidney Crosby to a re-concussion, amazingly they have gone 20-4-1!
-Tim Thomas, at age 37, started his 9th straight game.. he really needed a rest.
-If Bruins had won, they would be 6 points behind the Eastern Conference leading Rangers.  The Penguins winning puts them only 2 points behind.
-There’s been bad blood between these teams for a long time, but it has become more intense in the last couple years.. Penguins definitely more physical.. they targeted Chara for hits all game.
-The Bruins have so many injuries that they had 3 empty spots on the bench because there was nobody healthy to fill them.
Our current injuries are:
* Nathan Horton – concussion
* Rich Peverley – sprained MCL
* Tuukka Rask – lower body injury
* Benoit Pouliot – lower body injury
* Daniel Paille – upper body injury
* Adam McQuaid – upper body injury
* Patrice Bergeron – foot
…and that doesn’t include some of our minor league players that are injured, including their top goalie, Anton Khudobin, who would’ve been called up to replace Rask if it wasn’t for his recent wrist injury.  So ya, we’re hurtin’.
-I heard today that Evgeni Malkin didn’t get suspended.. what I expected..  He didn’t get any discipline because he’s a top scorer in the NHL.. and because he’s not on the Bruins..  You know if it was a Bruin doing that exact same hit, he would’ve gotten a 5 minute major and a suspension!  NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan needs to be consistent!!!!
-We still don’t know about the Bergeron and McQuaid injuries and when they’ll be back.
-Making a run at the championship in hockey is the longest and most grueling of any sport.. we need Thomas to be rested!  He shouldn’t have started both games this weekend.

Here’s a video of Marty Turco’s amazing acrobatic save:

Here’s a video of Evgeni Malkin’s DIRTY hit on Johnny Boychuk:

Here’s a video of Marc-Andre Fleury’s rediculous/lucky save on David Krejci:

Here’s a video recap of the goals in the game:

Here’s the NHL’s video recap of the game:,2,1032

Here’s the NHL’s photos from the game:

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