Bruins Shoot Themselves in the Foot Against Capitals

Tomas Vokoun watches an incoming puck from the Bruins (3/10/12)

The Bruins' Milan Lucic passes to David Krejci for one of our many good scoring chances in the game.

3/10/12: Bruins at Capitals - Final Score (4-3 Capitals)

Yesterday afternoon the Bruins played the Washington Capitals here in Boston.  As with last game, we saw how teams play with desperation near the end of the season to ensure themselves a spot in the playoffs.  This time, however, it was not the Bruins, but their opponents that wanted it more.  The combination of the Capitals being more desperate and the Bruins making some key mistakes resulted in the Capitals winning 4-3.

Here are the plays I thought were worth highlighting and some other notes…  Also, keep in mind that when I say “today” in the notes, I’m referring to the day of the game.

1st Period
-The game starts with Capitals getting good offensive stand.
-We get a few shots with screens that Tomas Vokoun didn’t see, but they went wide.
-4 mins in, Jordan Caron nice shot, then Brad Marchand right after.
-Chris Kelly does a nice hit.
-The Capitals’ Jason Chimera tries to get tripping as he pulled away from Milan Lucic.. good non-call for once.
-Mike Mottau nice movement of the puck.. already looking more comfortable on left wing.
-7 mins, Alex Ovechkin semi-breakaway.. save by Tim Thomas.
-Almost a min later, same thing and Thomas makes the save, but then Alexander Semin is there to score with the rebound and does.
-If this does end up being our 3rd straight win, it will also be the 3rd straight from behind.
-The Capitals are more determined.. 25 secs later, Thomas makes a save.. the puck is loose in front.. a Capitals player gets it and scores.

Here’s our stats for when we’re down:
when down by 1 : 20-22-3
when down by 2: 4-15-0
when down by 3: 0-4

-Boston takes a timeout.. we need to up our compete level, we can still win this.
-9 mins in, Caron gave a nice hit.
-Right after Zdeno Chara puts huge hit on Marcus Johansson and the glass between the glass panels shatters.  Since it doesn’t affect the playing surface, play continues.
-Ovechkin puts a hit on Caron.. it was a bit high, but he’s dirty, we know that.
-10.5 mins in, Adam McQuaid big hit on Troy Brouwer bringing the puck in, then nice hit by Dennis Seidenberg on Jay Beagle.
-Bruins getting more into it now.
-11 mins in, Lane MacDermid gets a hooking penalty.. that’s what I thought I heard, but we have a power play.. I guess he got hooked..
-On the power play, we get some good shots and chances in first minute, they clear, then we come back and do it again. Then Brooks Laich hits David Krejci after the play (crosscheck from behind).. then the Karl Alzner comes in and hits him too.. so Lucic comes over and pops Alzner in the face a few times.. Alzner backs off quick.  Now its 4-on-4.
-14 mins in, nice move to carry the puck in by Joe Corvo, then a nice shot and good offensive 4-on-4 work.
-A minute later, some more good work and chances.
-Vokoun tries to play the puck against the boards, then gets held there by Kelly, with a nice small check on him just holding his position, as is his right.
-MacDermid draws another penalty for us.
-Some good work, great one timer by Brian Rolston, great save by Vokoun.
-Chara nice puck work and nice check, then nice shot by another Bruin (I forget who).
-Corvo up close gets a nice chance.
-Great puck control and movement for the rest of the power play.. then it ends and Tyler Seguin up close with a great chance but Vokoun in a zone makes pad stop.
-With 1 minute left, Patrice Bergeron chooses not to do a ridiculous hit that he already had the momentum for.. very honorable.
-Great puck movement to lead to a good chance with about 15 seconds left.
-With 5.6 seconds left, we get an offensive zone face-off.. the puck dribbles out and Lucic gets just enough on it for a good shot.. he scores!  (video here as well as below).
-This is the 18th time that Bruins have scored in the last minute of a period.. our record for the last 17 times that we did is 15-1-1.
-The period ends 2-1 Capitals.

2nd Period
-5 mins in, McQuaid makes a nice poke check to knock the puck away from the Capitals on a rush, Ovechkin gets it, Caron puts a nice hit on him rather than just trying to poke it away and risk getting beat, gets puck to Marchand, he moves in fast, fake shot, keep moving wide, Vokoun opens up, Marchand slips it under him and scores!  We’ve tied it.
-7 mins in, great pass ahead to Seguin to Gregory Campbell right in front, good chance then right after, Thomas makes a big point blank save.
-9 mins in, MacDermid does a good job to wrap up one of the Capitals players and keep puck in offensive zone.
-Then Greg Zanon gets a holding penalty as a Capitals player had a breakaway, Thomas came way out to try to poke the puck away, did but not enough and had to make another big save while he was still way out of the crease.
-On the penalty kill: Thomas makes a big save.
-Capitals keep possession thanks to the puck hitting a linesman.
-Thomas makes save, but Johansson had wide open goal with the rebound.. Chara cleared the puck to deny that chance.
-Ovechkin rushes in, good shot but Seidenberg got a piece of it to send it wide.
-11 mins in McQuaid collides with Seidenberg, Capitals get puck, pass across ice to Beagle, he scores.
-Right after, we get a great chance with Lucic in front.
-12 mins in, Corvo skates through one of the Capitals and steals the puck, pass ahead to Krejci 2-on-1, but they say off-sides.. eh, it was close, Krejci being mad, flips the puck at the linesman, he gets a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.. this was probably the best example of how in this game, as the title says, the Bruins shot themselves in the foot.
-Marchand gets a short-handed break, Ovechkin hits him and he goes flying too, then Marchand with a little love tap hit on the way back.
-Save by Thomas on one of the Capitals players rushing in.
-Good defense, only allowed 1 shot on goal during the penalty kill, but Johnny Boychuk blocked a shot and it hurt.. he went to the locker room.
-15 mins in, Lucic rush in, drop to Seguin, nice shot.
-Zanon big hit on Mathieu Perreault and it was totally clean.. he gets roughing penalty! WHAAAATHHAAAFAAAHHHKK!!  BUUUUUUUULL SHIIIIIIIIIIIT!
-On the penalty kill, some good defense keeping from giving up good shots, some good saves, some big saves, and at the end, Dennis Wideman (former Bruin) to Laich, Thomas gets his foot on it, but it goes in.
-(Bruins have 8 power play shots on goal this period, the Capitals have 4 total).
-Thomas with the “pinwheel snow angel” big save right after that
-With 1.5 mins left, we shoot, double deflection, it slows down and Vokoun falls on it.
-Krejci sets up behind their net, to Seguin, doesn’t get enough on the shot, Vokoun stops it.  A shoving match starts after the play.
-Lucic to Rolston with nice shot.. hit post.
-The period ends 4-2 Capitals.
-We had momentum early on, but lack of discipline/focus, too many penalties.. some of them STRAIGHT BULLSHIT!  The Bruins have dug themselves a hole.

3rd Period
-Bruins get lots of good chances.. but best action happens near the end..
-Capitals treating it like a penalty kill and being conservative, running the clock, and relying on Vokoun.
-With 3.5 mins left, Corvo has a nice shot, deflected by Seguin.. just missed once again.
-Right after, Boychuk in rotation pinches in towards the net.. scores off of a rebound! That’s 2 goals in 2 games for him now, after going 39 games without one!  The Bruins also went 39 years before winning a Stanley Cup.. so hopefully that’s a sign that we’ll get two Cups in a row..
-We’ve had Vokoun beat a bunch of times, but always just missing.. this continues.
-With just under 3 mins left, face-off, we win it to Seidenberg, his shot almost trickles in.
-Capitals ice it twice in a row.. they’ve been icing it all game.
-Seguin makes a nice steal, had a good chance.
-Caron puts a nice hit on Wideman.
-Capitals almost get a delay of game penalty clearing the puck.. but it just barely grazed the glass.. supposedley.
-With 1.5 mins left, we fought hard for the puck, got it to Caron, he has a nice shot, Vokoun grabs it..
-Now face-off in their end, Thomas gets pulled for an extra attacker.
-We win the face-off to Chara, nice shot, just missed.
-Then Marchand pinching in almost scores.
-Then Bergeron coming in to try to score takes a big hit.
-Lucic puts a big hit on Brouwer.
-Rolston makes a nice play to keep one of the Capitals from getting an empty net goal.
-Capitals ice the puck.. once again we get an offensive zone face-off with 5.6 secs.
-We manage to get a couple shots on goal but can’t finish.. we lose 4-3.

Finals Thoughts
-As we’ve seen recently, we dominated most of the game (especially in the third period.. we out-shot them 13-2), but lack of focus and discipline at certain points really cost us.
The Capitals’ game-winning goal came from a power play on a bullshit call (it was a totally clean hit).. not cool!
-This was Thomas’ 8th game in a row.. he needs rest! He’s been giving up soft goals because we’re over-working him.. plus the defense needs to step up and stop leaving him out to dry.
-Tuukka Rask, who turned 25 today, is now walking under his own power.
-Coach Claude Julien said that Benoit Pouliot surprised everyone when he said he couldn’t play after practice earlier in the day.  So, Mottau in for him as a forward (he’s normally a defenseman).
-Sidney Crosby will not play tomorrow.

Here’s a video of Zdeno Chara’s big hit on Johansson that breaks glass:

Here’s a video of the goals in this game:

Here’s a video of Milan Lucic’s goal off of the face-off:,2,1014&event=BOS208

Here’s a video of Brad Marchand’s nice goal:,2,1014&event=BOS217

Here’s a video of Johnny Boychuk’s goal (2nd in 2 games):,2,1014&event=BOS444

Here’s NESN’s game preview (shows some Bruins/Capitals history):

Here’s the NHL’s video recap of the game:,2,1014

Here’s the NHL’s photos from the game:

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