Bruins Get By with a Little Help from New Friends

Dennis Seidenberg destroys Colby Armstrong (3/6/12)

The Bruins' Dennis Seidenberg ("The German Hammer") takes matters into his own hands and beats up the Maple Leafs' Colby Armstrong in retaliation to a late hit.

Colby Armstrong bleeding after fight with Dennis Seidenberg (3/6/12)

...The result of messing with "The German Hammer," Dennis Seidenberg.

3/6/12: Bruins at Maple Leafs - Final Score (5-4 Bruins)

Last night the Bruins played the Maple Leafs in Toronto and it was a great game for Boston fans.  Not only did we win, but we visibly raised our game back towards where it should be.. and that’s with a bunch of our top players out with injuries.. we had all sorts of players that are new to the team, for the most part.. the players we got from trades last week and the players that we’ve called up from the minors.  Much to Boston’s delight, these players have been making a big impact in the last few games.. especially the guys that were called up from Providence.. and especially Jordan Caron, who has 3 goals and 2 assists in the last 2 games!  Whats even more baffling is that in the most recent game against the Maple Leafs, he got 2 goals and only took 4 shots.. and in the game before that, against the Rangers, he got a goal on the only shot he took!
By the way, the “new friends” I was referring to in the title are the players that were called up from Providence and the guys we just got at the trade deadline.

I’ll try to beef this up later, but I just wanted to get it posted since the next Bruins game is tomorrow.  Since it’s hard to keep up, if anyone wants to be a contributor, send me a message or leave a comment.  For now, here’s my notes and some videos…

1st Period
-Just under a minute in, we almost had a goal, but the pass in front of net was not caught.
-A minute later, Lane MacDermid (called up from minors) still strong in his 2nd NHL game.. going for nice hit in front of their bench.
-Three minutes in, we had a turnover, quick shot by Carl Gunnarsson.. he scores (wow it was only his 3rd this season.. wtf?!)
-Five minutes in, Tim Thomas makes a good save, then a big one on the rebound shot right after it.
-Almost nine minutes in, Brad Marchand charges up the side, nice moves, gets through three Maple Leafs, gets a shot on goal.
-Soon after, Milan Lucic put a big hit on Gunnarsson.. nice!
-A couple minutes later, Caron, had the puck at the blue line.. rather than shooting, he made a great pass to Johnny Boychuk, who was up close and on the other side of the goal.. but Jonas Gustavsson makes a big save.  Caron is definitely more confident after scoring a goal against the best goalie and team right now (Lundqvist/Rangers) on Sunday.
-14 minutes in, Caron gets the puck as it bounced off the end boards and scores! He’s been in the minors and now has started a goal streak with a goal in the last game and now this one.. plus an assist (his 5th goal this year, in the few games he’s played in the NHL)
-With about seconds left, we get a bunch of shots on goal.. Tyler Seguin hits post.
-It’s now tied 1-1.

2nd Period
-30 seconds in, Marchand gets called for tripping purely on reputation.. and the dude diving.. bitches!  Seriously, the Habs, then the Canucks, and now the Maple Leafs?  Is diving a Canadian thing?
-The Maple Leafs’ John-Michael Liles scores off a rebound.  Oh you are serious bitches, Toronto!  A totally bullshit call gets them a goal.  Good thing for home cooking eh?
-About 2 mins in, pass to Lucic on open side of net is just ahead of him.. would’ve had a goal.. seconds later, Zdeno Chara skates the puck in, dekes by two defenders, quick shot, scores! a forward!  They would later announce that this goal was by Seguin since he deflected Chara’s shot.. so Chara just gets an assist.. but this goal was all him.
-Right after that, Caron skates all the way in to the net hard, rebound, Chris Kelly scores!  That’s 2 goals in 41 seconds.. definite signs of progress.
-So, to answer, the Maple Leafs’ Jay Rosehill picks a fight with Shawn Thornton, knowing he had stitches over his eyebrow.. and that Thornton never backs down!  So, Rosehill does the bitch move and goes for nothing but the stitches.. so Thornton bleeds, but doesn’t give up and hammers him a bunch of times before wrapping him up to end the fight.
-Close to six minutes in, David Krejci put a big hit on Joffrey Lupul, then we had a couple great shots real quick.. hit post.
-Soon after, Chara says no to former Bruin Phil Kessel.. keeps him from doing anything as he skates down the side into our zone.
-Then we had some more good plays, like Benoit Pouliot with a nice steal and shot.
-Soon after, MacDermid makes a nice steal, good possession, and nice pass to the slot.
-Right after, The Maple Leafs’ Colby Armstrong came all the way across the ice to hit Dennis Seidenberg.. DON’T POKE THE BEAR!  Seidenberg was not happy about that.. he wanted to fight..  Adam McQuaid offered to fight for him, but Seidenberg is a true Bruin and pulled Armstrong in to fight himself.. and for someone who never fights, this was amazing.. he got a ton of big hits in and made him bleed badly! And somehow, because they’re bitches I guess, McQuaid gets a penalty too even though he didn’t fight, so the Maple Leafs get a power play.
-A minute later Patrice Bergeron gets an iffy tripping call and now it’s 5-on-3 for the Maple Leafs.  Fuck that!  Bergeron is our #1 penalty killer next to Chara!
-10 minutes in, IT FINALLY HAPPENED!.. Kessel scored against us for the first time in years (since we traded him, I think). Well congratufuckinlations.. you can tell it wasn’t meant to be though.. Thomas got his glove on it.. but fatigue and stress caused him to not quite 100% stop it.. it trickled through.
-13 minutes in, we had a solid shift, great work, Chara to Caron.. Caron scores again!!!! 2 goals today and 3 in 2 games!  Go Caron!
-Joe Corvo made a big hit a minute later.
-16 minutes in, Seguin scores again with a dart of a one-timer.  It’s now 5-3 and this season we’re 29-0-0 with two goal leads.
-At the end of the period, Marchand put a hit on Tim Connolly, then at the horn he starts a fight with Marchand, who would’ve kicked ass, but the guy just flipped him on the ground to “win” it.  You have to check out the YouTube video of this below and comment on it.. all the Bruins-haters think that Connolly’s takedown is proof of Connolly and the Maple Leafs being tough/able to win fights and that Marchand is weak/can’t fight.. it’s so hilarious.. this was the one and only thing in the game that the Bruins didn’t “win” so all the haters cling to it.  One smart guy even wrote the comment “1Hit KO!”  Seriously man?  Were you watching the same game, or even the same sport?  First off, it was not a knockout, it was a takedown.. he just threw Marchand off balance to the ground.  Second, “1Hit” my ass.. there was no hits at all.. he just wrestled.  Plus another guy said Marchand is the bitch because he got taken down.. um, NO!  If you throw a guy down rather than trading punches, you are the bitch!  So, even though I said it in a comment on the video, I’ll see it again here since I can make it bold: TIM CONNOLLY IS A BITCH AND A PUSSY!  So please, go on YouTube, make an account if you don’t have one, and dislike the video/make a comment..  The video is down below, but here’s the link:
-Kessel still sucks at defense though.. he did so many things wrong that lead to Chara’s goal.
-refs had to stop Seidenberg.. he would’ve demolished the guy.
-The period ends 5-3 Bruins
–Marchand and Connolly both got minors for fighting, but Connolly also gets one for cross-checking.. so we start the 3rd period with power play..

3rd Period
-A minute in, Krejci to Lucic next to net but just missed the one-timer
-Bergeron behind the net to Brian Rolston in front almost scored a bit later on power play
-A minute later, Seguin to Lucic almost score
-After that, back in our end, Thomas great save then again on rebound while he was down
-4.5 mins in, Rolston great shot
-another good chance soon after
-Thomas makes a big save right after
-soon after, one of the Maple Leafs sprays snow on Thomas like an asshole.. there were almost some fights
-The Maple Leafs step it up
-With just under 7 mins to go, we were over-committed in their zone and Mikhail Grabovski gets a breakaway and scores.
-With 5 mins left, Chara put a big hit on Connolly.. Chara gets a boarding call.. eh, I guess that was boarding, but I think they gave a bit of leeway there with defining it.
-Killing their power play, we had some good defense, some good clearing the puck out of the zone.. no shots on goal for the Maple Leafs and the penalty is killed.
-Gregory Campbell gets totally held coming into their zone with puck after surviving the vulnerable minute.. no call.. then he gets pushed into Gustavsson, who totally dives to try to get a call.. doesn’t surprisingly!
-then again Gustavsson exaggerates with Bergeron to try to get a penalty
-With just over a min left, the Maple Leafs pull their goalie to get an extra attacker.
-We get it in their zone for a bit.. then it came back to our end and they took a good shot.. big save by Thomas with 53 secs left.
-Repeat last point again and glove save Thomas with 32 secs left.
-Seidenberg makes a big hit, then Kelly tries to clear the puck, but it goes out without touching glass.. delay of game with 17 secs left.
-Bergeron wins faceoff, we clear, they get back in, last shot goes wide.. we win 5-4 and are 5-0 this season against Toronto (outscoring them 28-10)!

Final Thoughts
-Going into the game the Bruins were 4-0-0 against Leafs this season, outscoring them 23-6.. and two of those games that stood out: beating them 6-2 and later 7-0 when we were last in Eastern Conference and they were first.. which propelled us to climb the standings with a 14-0-1 streak.
-Seguin and Caron had 2 goals each!
-10 Bruins had points in this game!
-Teams are bringing in whoever they can to fight Shawn Thornton.. the Leafs called up a big guy, Jay Rosehill, from their minor league team for this purpose.
-Marty Turco cleared waivers, so we he’s now on the Bruins roster as our backup goalie.

Here’s a video of Zdeno Chara’s nice moves/goal (tipped by Tyler Seguin):

Here’s a video of Shawn Thornton fighting Jay Rosehill:

Here’s a video of Dennis Seidenberg destroying Colby Armstrong:

Here’s a video of Brad Marchand trying to fight Tim Connolly:

Here’s the NHL’s video recap of the game:,2,373

Here’s some photos from the game:

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