Bruins Drop Like Flies, But Go Down Swinging

Tyler Seguin scores a goal against Islanders goalie Evgeni Nabokov (3/3/12)

The Bruins' Tyler Seguin scores a goal against the Islanders' goalie Evgeni Nabokov.

This past weekend the Bruins played both of the New York teams..  The Islanders on Saturday in Boston and the Rangers on Sunday in New York.  We lost both games, but that’s not all we lost.. the injury bug continues to plague the Bruins’ roster.  This time, it was our backup goalie (although he’s good enough to be a #1 goalie) Tuukka Rask that went down.  We’re now struggling to fill holes on the team, and because of this, I wouldn’t count this losing streak as an official slump.  Furthermore, these two games could’ve easily been wins if it weren’t for bad reffing in the game against the Islanders that lead to their game winning goal, and a poor effort by the Bruins, but particularly by our goalie Tim Thomas in the game against the Rangers.

Here are the important points I wanted make, along with video recaps and photos…

3/3/12: Bruins vs Islanders - Final Score (3-2 Islanders)

Bruins vs Islanders:

While we lost this game, it should’ve been ours.  The game-winning goal for the Islanders came after a missed icing call that everyone was expecting, and which should’ve been called.

The most important part of this game, though, was our goalie Tuukka Rask getting injured.  He was our backup goalie, but he’s good enough to be a #1 goalie..  We need him so he can give our top goalie, Tim Thomas, some rest going down the stretch here towards the playoffs.. and in case Thomas gets hurt.  The injury came when Rask tried to make a quick shift to his other side and ended up stretching his left leg out awkwardly.  He has since been diagnosed with a “lower abdomen/groin strain,” but not everyone believes that after seeing what happened.. when he went down, he pointed to his left leg (and maybe his knee that he had surgery one in the off-season), and when he was helped off the ice, he couldn’t put any weight on that leg.  They say he’ll be out for 4-6 weeks.. great!  That’s the rest of the regular season.. and it’s not like he was going to play in the playoffs unless Thomas got hurt.. so he may have played his last game for the year.

So, we would normally call up our #1 goalie from our minor league team, the Providence Bruins, (Anton Khudobin) but he too is out with an injury.  So we’re left with our minor league backup goalie, Michael Hutchinson, who is not nearly as good.  In a scramble to get a decent backup goalie, the Bruins signed former Dallas Stars and Chicago Blackhawks goalie Marty Turco.. and he won’t even be able to participate in the playoffs since he was signed after the trade deadline.. they just need him to give Thomas a break on some of the remaining regular season games.  His stats actually seem pretty decent.. Turco, age 36, has a 273-165-43 record with a .910 save percentage, a 2.35 goals-against average and 41 shutouts in his career.  The only problem is that he needs waivers.. the Ottawa Senators still have the option to claim him, which they may do seeing as their top goalie, Craig Anderson, is out with a hand injury.

Here’s a video of Tuukka Rask’s injury:

Here’s the NHL’s video recap of the game:,2,965

Here’s some photos from the game:

Here’s an article about the Tuukka Rask injury:

– –

3/4/12: Bruins at Rangers - Final Score (4-3 Rangers)

Bruins at Rangers:

We did lose this game, but it’s not as big of a deal as losing to the crappy Islanders..  The Rangers are currently the best team in the league and their goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, is unstoppable right now.  So, to lose by only one to them doesn’t mean nearly as much as our previous loss.  Plus, as I said in the title of this post, we went down swinging..  We beat up the Rangers throughout the game, and Milan Lucic even got in a few great punches on Ryan McDonagh right as the game ended (see it here).

The Bruins’ Jordan Caron, called up from Providence, scored a goal against Lundqvist, who is probably the best goalie right now!

With all of the Bruins out with injuries, they had to call up forward Lane MacDermid from the Providence Bruins for this game.. and in his first NHL game, he picked a fight with a heavyweight, Michael Rupp.. he got a few good hits in, plus got the takedown.  Also, I love how he had absolutely no hesitation.. Rupp cross-checked him and he immediately throw off his gloves and started punching.. he’s definitely a Bruin!

We probably should’ve won with how much time we spent in the Rangers’ zone.. and how many great scoring chances we had.. and how often we had their goalie Lundqvist beat but hit post.. and how few shots we allowed them to take (17).

Here’s a video of Lane MacDermid’s 1st NHL fight (in his 1st NHL game):

Here’s a video of Milan Lucic fighting Brandon Prust:

Here’s a video of Gregory Campbell fighting Stu Bickel:

Here’s Jordan Caron’s goal against Henrik Lundqvist:

Here’s David Krejci’s goal against Henrik Lundqvist:

Here’s a video of Milan Lucic punching Ryan McDonagh as the game ends:
(The video it’s a part of is a recap, but it’s by a Rangers fan, so it’s all the Rangers’ good plays then this fight at the end.. All Bruins fans, please dislike it on YouTube!)

Here’s NESN’s conclusions after the game:

Here’s a video recap of the game:

Here’s the NHL’s longer video recap of the game:,2,975

Here’s some photos from the game:

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