Bruins Get Shut Out Again

Robin Lehner watches a shot by Milan Lucic go by him, but not in net (2/28/12)

Senators goalie Robin Lehner watches a shot by the Bruins' Milan Lucic go by him, but not in. This was one of many scoring chances that the Bruins could not capitalize on.

2/28/12: Bruins vs Senators - Final Score (1-0 Senators)

Alright, so the Bruins lost again.. and got shut out again.  They haven’t been shut out this many times in decades, but at least we only lost by one..  I know, it doesn’t really make you feel better.. but it should.  Yes, we lost, and yes, we were sloppy in the first 40 minutes, but in the last 20 minutes and in general, we did raise our game.  Still, with all those close scoring chances, it’s hard to write about.  So, I’m just going to post my notes on the game..

1st Period
-A few minutes in – no goalie interference on Ottawa?!
-We scrambled on defense.. they had open net.. Tim Thomas still came back to make ridiculous save!
-Thomas.. talk about unorthodox saves.. saves it sitting on his ass eight minutes in.
-Right after that, Patrice Bergeron makes great steal, pass to Tyler Seguin, almost scores..
-Brian Rolston DID NOT trip him or do anything wrong AT ALL!!!!  He should not have been givin a penalty!
-Bergeron makes a great play to stop their guy at the blue line during their power play.
-13 minutes in, Adam McQuaid and Chris Kelly knock down two Senators players real quick.. very nice.
-15 minutes in, Seguin gets a BULLSHIT interference penalty for knocking guys stick out of hands.. players have done that a million times before without getting a penalty!
-The Senators’ Erik Karlsson scores.. and as he took the shot, their captain, Daniel Alfredsson, jumped up and put his ass in Thomas’ face.. then ended up with Thomas’ stick.. and no goalie interference call?!
-We get a power play..
-Then right after, Thomas makes great kick save on Nick Foligno while sliding with legs open wide.. just barely got his foot out to stop it.. it was amazing!
Here’s a video of Thomas’ amazing toe save:

If the above video isn’t working, you can also see it here:

2nd Period
-Lots of ack and forth.
-The refs wouldnt let anyone fight.
-Real late hit on Kelly.. no call?!
-17 minutes in, a bunch of great chances in a row.
-A minute later the Senators miss a wide open net, hitting the outside of post.
-A few minutes later Thomas makes a big save on Kyle Turris, who had a breakaway.
-13 minutes in, Milan Lucic put a hit on Kyle Turris… why the hell was this a penalty?  It was a clean hit coming right at him, facing each other.. not like Turris’ hit on Joe Corvo from behind that got no discipline in the last game!  WTF?!
-17 minutes in, Thomas makes two quick big saves.

3rd Period
-Four minutes in, Zdeno Chara “mashes” Bobby Butler.. nice.
-Benoit Pouliot gets a penalty.. the first one was the one that they maybe could’ve called, but not the second.. just did because it was right after the first.
-We kept the puck in their zone and got lots of good chances.
-16 minutes in, the Senators’ Zack Smith gets a breakaway and Thomas makes a huge save.
-A minute later, Dennis Seidenberg hammers Jason Spezza.. very nice.
-Then Brad Marchand destroys Filip Kuba.. and he left the ground.. but that’s ok right?  The Senators did it twice last game, causing one definite and one possible concussion.
-Then Sergei Gonchar grabs Pouliot.. should’ve been a penalty.. but no.
-Senators get a penalty for tripping Chara, who had stolen the puck and was skating ahead.. I would’ve liked to see him get to keep going.. it would’ve been a nice breakaway.
-Fuck.. we lose 1-0.

Final Thoughts
-I can handle some bad calls and non-calls here and there, but when we lose a game solely because of a bullshit penalty, and the other team scoring on their resulting power play, it has gone too far!  The NHL and its referees need consistency!  And don’t forgot that during that goal there arguably should’ve been a goalie interference call on the Senators.. or the goal should’ve been negated by it.
Tim Thomas did play well.. made some amazing saves.. and some very unconventional saves.. and 37 saves total!  But that one shot that got by was enough to do us in.. though we never would’ve believed that at the time.
-We didn’t quite play hard enough in the first two periods.. but did play really well in the third period.  But, we needed to capitalized on our power plays.  Also, the Senators’ new goalie Robin Lehner was great.. he had his career best 32 saves and first NHL shutout.. it was basically the best game he’s ever played.  It’s so annoying that even mediocre goalies somehow stand on their heads against Boston.
-In general though, we did raise our game a bit, increased our compete level too.. especially in the third period.. but it was too late at that point.  Still, I’m optimistic about the road ahead.. I know it’s difficult, Boston fans, but you have to just (B)elieve (with a Bruins ‘B’)!

Here’s a video recap of the game:

Here’s the NHL’s longer video recap:,2,937

Here’s some pictures from the game:

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