Big Move Monday

Bruins add trio of new players at the deadline. Red Sox lose two veteran players. All in one week?

First-off: The Bruins surprised me, I didn’t think that they would be making so many moves so quickly. I anticipated at least one, but definitely not three moves – for some significant defense-impacting players.
With a key Bruins player succumbing to injury seemingly every week, general manager Peter Chiarelli was thinking as much quantity as quality at Monday’s trade deadline.
Toward the end, the Bruins made a pair of trades Monday, bringing in left-shot defenseman Mike Mottau and forward Brian Rolston from the Islanders in exchange for prospects Yannic Riendeau and Marc Cantin.

The Bruins also acquired a second lefty defenseman – and shot-blocking specialist – Greg Zanon from Minnesota for Steven Kampfer.
With Zanon and Mottau, the Bruins shored up their defense, While Rolston helps offset the loss of Nathan Horton (concussion) and Rich Peverley (knee). Johnny Boychuk may also miss time with concussion-like symptoms after taking a hit Saturday night in Ottawa against the Senators.

Secondly: Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek both get put out to pasture in just a little more than one week?

After 19 seasons in the majors — 17 of them with the Boston Red Sox — knuckleballer Tim Wakefield announced his retirement from baseball last Friday afternoon. Wakefield had a career record of 200-180 with a 4.41 ERA and 2,156 strikeouts. Surprisingly, he was drafted in 1988 by the Pittsburgh Pirates as a first baseman, but when he was made aware of reports that he didn’t have much of a future as a position player, he started to develop the knuckleball. How cool is that? Started off in the show as a full-time first baseman and hitter, and goes down in history as one of the games most illustrious knuckle-baller. I’m not quite sure of the ramifications of this devastating loss of such a unique pitcher just yet… but I’m sure we’ll see how Vicente Padilla inserts himself into the rotation.

Next news this week? Varitek!?!
Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek will announce his retirement Thursday, multiple sources said yesterday. The longest tenured member of the Sox, Varitek was the starting catcher on two World Series teams and caught four no-hitters, which is an MLB record. A lasting image of the catcher will be the still-shot of his mitt smashed into the face of Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez from July 24, 2004


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One Response to Big Move Monday

  1. bost0nfire says:

    Ya this was a kinda crazy week for Boston sports. For the Bruins, I think we just have to (B)elieve (with a Bruins ‘B’) in the GM, Peter Chiarelli.. I mean last year I had no idea who Chris Kelly or Rich Peverley were, but we got them and they’ve been huge for us. I can only assume these trades will be similar.. and we didn’t lose much: two guys that never get to play and Steve Kampfer, who it seemed had reached his limit in terms of production with us, and wasn’t doing much. As for the Red Sox, it’s really tough to accept either Wakefield or Varitek leaving.. while they were getting pretty old, they’ve both done so much for us! I can only hope that Bobby Valentine and Ben Cherington know what their doing.

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