How the Bruins Got Their Groove Back

2/22/12: Bruins at Blues - Final Score (4-2 Bruins)

Brian Elliott watches a shot from Chris Kelly go into the net (2/22/12)

The Blues' goalie Brian Elliott watches a shot from the Bruins' Chris Kelly go into the net (assisted by Milan Lucic). Kelly ties his career-high 15 goals for the season.

Chris Kelly celebrates his goal (tying career-high 15th) with Milan Lucic (2/22/12)

The Bruins' Chris Kelly celebrates his 15th goal of the year (tying his career high) with Milan Lucic.

Look closely at the picture above.  All of those Bruins fans define what a “true fan” is. ..and the Blues fan on the bottom right is hand signing “we suck big dicks.”

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Last night the Bruins took on the Blues in St. Louis.  As Jack Edwards predicted, the Bruins found their game and were able to lift themselves out of their slump to beat one of the best teams in the NHL right now.  The Blues have done really well all season (out of nowhere), but more importantly, they haven’t lost at home (where this game was) since December 3, 2011.. that’s 20-something consecutive home wins.. and the Bruins were the ones to end it and slow down their pace.  Edwards also predicted this would be the turn around point, which we start playing better after.  We can only wait and see about that, but I sure hope it comes true.. especially since our next 2 games are against teams we have violent rivalries with as of late: the Sabres and the Senators.

Both teams played hard right from the start.  A couple of minutes in, Brad Marchand made a great steal, and took a great shot that got past Blues defenseman and their goalie Brian Elliott.  We’re up 1-0 already!

A minute later, Adam McQuaid fights B.J. Crombeen.. and once again, McQuaid gets into more of a boxing match than a hockey fight.. it was one of the longest and hard-hitting hockey fights I’ve seen.. since the last McQuaid fight.
Here’s a video of Adam McQuaid fighting B.J. Crombeen:

About 6 mins in, David Krejci puts a huge hit on one of the Blues and lays him out behind their goal..  Meanwhile, Joe Corvo shoots from the blue line, Milan Lucic tips it, goal!  Now we’re up 2-0 just minutes in!
Here’s a video of Milan Lucic’s goal:

A few minutes later we had a defensive breakdown and the Blues scored.. though it was a shot that Tim Thomas probably should’ve had.

With about eight minutes left in the first period, the Blues score again (Thomas got a piece of it, but it wasn’t enough).  Just like that our 2-0 lead became a tie.  I immediately started worrying that we weren’t going to be able hold on to this one.. but I kept my faith in the Bruins and in Jack Edwards’ prediction.. Remember Bruins fans, as last year showed us, we just need to (B)elieve (with a Bruins ‘B’)!

In the last minute of the first period, Lucic makes a quick pass to Chris Kelly in front of the Blues’ goal.. he scores and ties his career-high 15th goal of the season!  After 20 minutes of play, the score was 3-2 Bruins.
Here’s a video of Chris Kelly’s goal:

In the second period, despite letting some easy shots get by, Thomas was playing much better.. and that continued through the rest of the game.  So I think Thomas himself has started to get his game back too.  The score remained the same for the whole period.  In the last minute, the Blues put the pressure on hard and had a lot of good shots.. but Thomas made a lot of great saves.

About half way though the third period, the Blues were once again pressuring us in our end.  But then Tyler Seguin steals the puck and makes a great pass ahead to Marchand on the breakaway.. he dekes, shoots it 5-hole, scores!  And like Kelly, he ties his career-high 21 goals!  Even though the Bruins have only been mediocre recently, the numbers will tell you that they’re still even better than last year.. and we won the cup last year, so Bruins fans should feel pretty good about this season.  We have players that have already tied their career highs and we still have 24 games to play!
Here’s a video of Brad Marchand’s two nice goals:

At the end of the game, the Blues pulled their goalie to try to catch up.. but they got a penalty near the end, giving us a power play.  Regardless, I really don’t think they would’ve been able to tie it.  So, we kept from losing three in a row and won 4-2!  I also want to mention that the Bruins continue to be the most dominant team in the third period with a league-leading +33 goal differential!

So, in this game, there wasn’t much physical play, which Bruins fans enjoy so much.. but that’s understandable when there’s not much rivalry between the teams (since we rarely play them).. this was our first game in St. Louis since November of 2009.  Nevertheless, we most certainly did get to watch the Bruins get their groove back right before our eyes..  Look out NHL!

Here’s the NHL’s video recap:,2,897

You can also watch the entire game (unfortunately, in low quality)…
1st period:
2nd period:
3rd period:

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