The Road to Redemption for the Bruins

Tyler Seguin scores the game-winner against Carey Price in shootout (2/15/12)

Bruins' Tyler Seguin scores the game-winning goal against the Canadiens' Carey Price in the shootout. The shot was so quick that Price didn't even move.

2/15/12: Bruins at Habs - Final Score (4-3 Bruins in shootout)

Adam McQuaid punches Ryan White in the head!

The Bruins' Adam McQuaid fights the Habs' Ryan White.

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Last night, the Bruins began their road to redemption.. redeeming themselves for the slump they’ve been in recently.  Actually, I would say it began 2 games ago when they beat the Nashville Predators 4-3 in a shootout.. I just haven’t posted since before it.  After that, they lost to the New York Rangers 3-0.. but I still think it was a good night for them in terms of getting back to where they should be.  Even though they lost, they were getting back into their rhythm.. plus two of those goals were stupid mistakes that we don’t normally make.  The next game after that was last night’s, against the Montreal Canadiens.. a matchup that you know will always be eventful to say the least.

Once again, this game was full of bad reffing and non-calls.  The first noteworthy event in this game was one of these..  About seven minutes in, the Habs’ Alexei Emelin hit Shawn Thornton face-first into the boards.. and hard.. that should be boarding!  Oh ya.. we’re in Montreal, so the Habs will likely only get a penalty if one of them takes of a skate and tries to slit someone’s throat.. and even then they might not get called.  Well, Emelin’s number was taken to be dealt with later.

Tension continued to build.  Then, with about six minutes left in the first, the Bruins’ Adam McQuaid (who I’d like to note has been a real tough guy this year) gets in Ryan White’s face.. they immediately start fighting.. and this was one of the longest and most brutal fights in a long time.  They both got some big hits in, but White was just throwing punches everywhere hoping some would hit.. McQuaid picked his shots and hit hard!
Here’s a video of Adam McQuaid fighting Ryan White:

Late in the first period, Brad Marchand made a great steal behind the Habs’ net..  Andrew Ference got it.. nice shot.. goal!

In the last second of the first, one of the Habs’ went to clear the puck from his zone and hit the Bruins’ captain Zdeno Chara right in the face with the puck.  He started bleeding really badly.. and how does the Habs fanbase react? ..they cheer like fuckin animals!

Here’s a relevent definition I found in the dictionary:

Habs fanbase:

[habz fæn-beɪs]

1. A group of the most classless people on Earth: To avoid embarrassment at a classy restaurant, don’t bring anyone from the Habs fanbase.
2. A group of people who are a disgrace to humanity: Today, we are so ashamed of our ancient ancestors, who cheered as slaves were torn apart by lions in arenas, that we think they might have been members of the Habs fanbase.

This definition is true.. and was made evident in this game when they cheered for Chara bleeding all over the place.  Are you serious Montreal?!  You don’t know what happened, it could’ve been so much worse.. he could’ve had his eye socket broken or worse.. you don’t cheer for that.. it’s just wrong.  I guess it’s to be expected when you play in Montreal, though..  These are the same people who booed the American National Anthem.. and who tried to bring Chara to court as a criminal for his hit on Max Pacioretty last year.  I didn’t have this blog back then, so about that, I’ve been wanting to say: Who the hell do you think you are Montreal?  You think you get to take a player to court because he accidentally hurt your player and it happened to be serious.. yet no other team does?  It’s not like he stabbed Pacioretty.. it was a check.. it’s a part of hockey!  Anyways, Habs fans are totally classless.  Sometimes I wonder if they’re even human.
Here’s a video of Zdeno Chara getting hit in the face with the puck / the Habs fans’ classless reaction:

Now look at how real people treat injuries to opponents (silence).. Here’s a video of Mason Raymond getting injured / a proper reaction by Boston:

Moving on.. early in the second, the Habs’ scored a short-handed goal because we left their guy open in front of the net..  Once again, our defensemen’s poor decisions make our goalies look bad.  Regardless, Tim Thomas did have a great night.

Next, about five minutes into the second, the Bruins’ Chris Kelly shoots a nice pass ahead to Benoit Pouliot, who then makes a great move to get around the Habs’ Chris Campoli and scores!  He’s done some real slick moves like this here and there throughout this season..  Hopefully he can keep it up and maybe make it happen more often.
Here’s a video of Benoit Pouliot’s nice move and goal:

With about five minutes left in the second, we’re on the power play.  Tyler Seguin holds the puck, surveys his options, and gives a quick pass to Patrice Bergeron at the goal line.  Bergeron takes two strides and puts the puck over Carey Price’s far shoulder for a goal!  We’re now up 3-1.

In the last seconds of the second, Brad Marchand went for a low hit (“clipping”) on Emelin (told you we took his number).. he got a penalty, but didn’t get suspended.. he was lucky.. though it really wasn’t much of a hit.  Still, while I love what he does for the team (gets physical and gets under the opponent’s skin), he needs to stop going for low hits..  Being a repeat offender, he risks suspension every time he does it.. and we need him!  So please, Marchand, keep doing what you do, just stop going for low hits.

A few minutes into the third period, we have a defensive breakdown again and the Habs score.

About half way through the third, we make a stupid defensive pass that the Habs steal.. they score.  It’s now 3-3.

The next big thing that happened proved that the Habs’ Hal Gill is a huge bitch!!  With four minutes left in the game, Gill went to take out the Bruins’ Rich Peverley.. As they approached each other, Peverley tried to step around him, but Gill stuck out his leg to hit Peverley’s.. and he blatantly had intent to injure Peverley.  And what do you know.. no fuckin call!  Thanks for doing your job refs!  Now Peverley is out with a sprained MCL, right when we need him most (trying to get out of this slump).  They say he’ll be out 4-6 weeks!  UGH!!!!
Here’s a video of Hal Gill purposefully injuring Rich Peverley (with no penalty):

It remains tied and we go to overtime.  We get a bunch of good chances, but no goals.  Now we move on to a shootout.  The Habs’ first shooter, Rene Bourque, goes.. Thomas makes the save.  Our first shooter, David Krejci, goes.. had Price beat, but rang the post.  Then the Habs’ second shooter, Max Pacioretty, goes, looks like he has Thomas beat.. but no!  Thomas sticks out his leg to make a blocker save at the last minute!  Next, the Bruins’ second shooter, Tyler Seguin, is up..  He moves in, makes a few dekes, takes a shot so fast that Price didn’t even move.. scores!  He now has an amazing 50% success in shootouts for his career.  Now, the Habs’ Lars Eller must score to keep them in the game..  Thomas makes a big save and the game is ours!
Here’s a video of the shootout:

One more thing I wanted to note because it made me laugh.. I heard that Jack Edwards (NESN announcer) got in a fight after the game.. don’t know if it escalated past yelling, but either way, he’s the man! ..and the best sports announcer ever!  He’s the “smartest, craziest man in America” according to Glenn Ordway of WEEI.. couldn’t have said it better.. he’s always making obscure references to events in history, or myths and legends.. and still somehow making a metaphor with them that makes sense for the current situation.  Plus, I love how he yells at players that dive and try to get penalties called when there wasn’t one.. mostly the Habs.. like the famous “GET UP!” yell at Roman Hamrlik diving like an Olympic diver.
Here’s a video of the best of Jack Edwards:

Here’s another one:

Here’s the absolute best of all his clips (besides yelling “Get Up!” at Roman Hamrlik in Game 3 against the Habs in the 2011 playoffs.. and “He dove one time too many” at him in Game 7)..
Jack Edwards rips on the Habs after Bruins eliminate them in 2011 playoffs:

Now, here’s some videos recapping the game…

Here’s a video of NESN Nation’s Dan Duquette, Jr. making some good points about tonight’s battle… I mean game:

Here’s CSN’s video recap (has more than just shots/goals like below):

Here’s NHL’s video recap:

You can also see it in slightly better quality here:,2,847

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