NHL Fails, Buffalo Prevails

Milan Lucic beats up Patrick Kaleta, who cries like a bitch.

Bruins' Milan Lucic beats up the Sabres' Patrick Kaleta and takes him down. Kaleta cries like a bitch.

2/8/12: Bruins at Sabres - Final Score (6-0 Sabres..adjusted to 6-1 to give Bruins called off goal)

Last night’s Bruins game against the Sabres in Buffalo made me sick!  It just wasn’t the Bruins’ night.. But the terrible reffing and non-intervention by the NHL certainly made it worse.

Boston started off strong, and it looked like it was going to be a game that we would win.  To help push us in that direction, Shawn Thornton did what he does best: fight.  This was only two minutes into the game too.. which brings up a point I’ve thought about making a post about: Bruins create rivals!  It seems like everyone is our rival now.. not just an opposing team, but a hated team, who hates us back, usually leading to fighting.  I guess the Sabres have sort of always been a rival since they’re in our division, but it was never like it’s been this year.  The stupid Sabres keep trying to play our game (being very physical).. even when they get beat up time after time.  And somehow the stupid fans get all excited, even though their player is always the one getting knocked around and/or bloodied up.
Anyways, here’s a video of Shawn Thornton fighting Cody McCormick:

A few minutes later, the Sabres scored first, but we came right back at them and got a goal of our own.. but wait!  The goal is called no good because Rich Peverley ran into their goalie Ryan Miller.  What?  It was CLEARLY a good goal.  Ohhhh.. I get it.. home cooking.  The Sabres are way down in the standings right now, and if they want to be in the playoffs, then they need to start winning a lot..  So the refs help them out at home.

They pretended to review it (for like two seconds) and call no goal.  Well, Peverley really didn’t hit Miller.. he barely touched him.. and after watching the replay, you can see Peverley was actually trying to avoid Miller, but Miller extended his arm to hit Peverley! ..AND, not only that, but the Sabres’ Robyn Regehr also hooked Peverley, then checked him!  So if anything, Regehr and/or Miller should get a penalty and the goal should count.  And it kills me what Sabres fans are saying in the comments on the YouTube video of the play below.. that we deserve it for all the players we beat up.. and that Nathan Horton, who can’t play because of post-concussion symptoms, deserves it!  Are you serious people?!  Nobody deserves that! ..no matter what team they’re on.  It’s not like we’re trying to end people’s careers when we go after them, we’re just roughing them up and being tough.  We don’t think anyone that we injure deserves it.  That’s just dark.
Here’s a video of the goal that was wrongly called off:

So, the refs wanted their home team to win since they need it badly if they want to make it to the playoffs.. so they call it no goal..  But this is where the NHL head office is supposed to step in.  They watch all the games live so they can fix things like this.. but they didn’t..  The NHL failed!  And I think this really matters because it would’ve completely changed the momentum of the game.. in our favor.  Instead, after that, the Bruins kind of just deflated.  To help pump them back up, Milan Lucic took on his secondary role as an instigator and started a fight with Patrick Kaleta, who has proven himself to be the biggest bitch in the world! ..I never thought anyone would top P.K. Subban, but he did.  It kills me how much of a pussy he is too, going into a fight with a huge visor that will protect him and possible hurt or cut his opponent..  Well, much to Boston’s delight, Lucic pounded him anyways!  After this, the Bruins had a short boost, trying shove it in the Sabres’ faces by scoring again and making a comeback, which they’re totally capable of, even with bad calls..  But soon after, the Sabres scored again, and that did us in.
Here’s a video of Milan Lucic destroying Patrick Kaleta:

Tuukka Rask is nasty, but like the rest of the team, he seemed to be having a rough night.  In truth, though, the first two goals weren’t really Rask’s fault..  One deflected in off the hand of Gregory Campbell, who should’ve just let Rask handle it.. but after it, Rask looked down rather than staring down Campbell.. which was very cool of him.. trying not to make him feel bad, which may make him play worse.  On the second goal, the Bruins left the Sabres’ captain Jason Pominville wide open and he knocked the puck in.  The third goal (which came early in the second period) is one that Rask probably could’ve saved.. so after, the Bruins put Tim Thomas in goal.

At some point in the game (I think around where we are in this recap, since this is where I put my note about this), Brad Marchand was blatantly tripped and of course, there was no call.  This went on all night.  The next instance of corrupt reffing came only two minutes later..  Kaleta, once again letting out his inner bitch, put a LATE hit on Bruins captain Zdeno Chara, knocking him into the goal and goalie.. he should’ve been called for the late hit and maybe even goaltender interference.. but of course, there was no call..  So then Chara skates over and decks Kaleta.. and, as expected at this point, he does get called.  Total Bullshit!
Here’s a video.. Kaleta’s non-call late hit, Chara decks him (get’s called):

Meanwhile, Tim Thomas was playing really well.  He made some ridiculous saves in the first few minutes he was on the ice.  He even kept the Sabres from scoring during the power play that they got from the penalty mentioned above.  He continued to play well for the majority of the period.

Towards the end of the period, the Sabres’ Ville Leino proved just how one-sided the refs were being, at the same time showing that they knew they could get away with more than they should..  How did he show this?  Well after Thomas had held the puck and stopped play, Leino purposefully stopped in front of him and sprayed him with ice.  At least the refs gave him a penalty.. wait.. no they didn’t!  They just went and talked to him, probably saying something like “hey, we’re making/not making calls in your favor.. but you can’t make it obvious.”  Great.  Thanks refs.. you do your jobs oh so well.
Here’s a video.. Leino sprays Thomas well after the play stopped, like a bitch.. of course, there’s no penalty:

With just a couple of minutes left in the period, the Sabres scored again.  Once again, this wasn’t really the goalie’s fault..  The puck deflected off of Adam McQuaid’s stick and as with the first two goals, he should’ve just let Thomas handle it.  The Bruins were having a tough time on defense.

Next, with about a minute left, the Sabres’ Mike Weber took a cheap shot and knocked down Benoit Pouliot (after play had stopped, and nowhere near the puck! ..but of course, no penalty).  So, Thornton did his thing and straight up demolished Weber.  Haha, that’s right!  DON’T POKE THE BEAR!!
Here’s a video.. Thornton makes Weber pay… hard:

Now in the third period, the Sabres had an insane amount of momentum and the Bruins were on their heels..  The Sabres score again.  Moving on, with about two minutes left in the game, the Bruins decide to hit Kaleta a few times on his way back to the bench.  First McQuaid knocks him down, then Lucic hit him while he was down.  They did this for a few reasons.. to remind him how much of a bitch he is, to remind him that we’ve taken his number and will make his time on the ice against us a living hell, and to prove to Buffalo and the crowd how much of a pussy he is (knowing he wouldn’t fight back.. and he didn’t).  So some of the other Sabres step in to try to fight back and a scuffle ensues.  As soon as Kaleta heads back toward the Bruins, McQuaid quickly wraps him up to pound on him a bit more.  This fight was great.. it showed just how weak the Sabres all are..  Kaleta went out of his way to take of McQuaid’s helmet before fighting (again, Kaleta = pussy).. meanwhile, McQuaid, being a big bad Bruin, doesn’t care at all that Kaleta’s helmet is on (and has a visor).. he still tries to fight..  But then, because the Sabres are so weak, they had to team up on McQuaid.. Weber jumped in to help Kaleta.  So this fight pretty much got broken up before it could really happen.. BUT, right before McQuaid got pulled away, he got one great punch in!  Booyah!  And as a Bruins fan, you have to absolutely LOVE the reactions of the main two fighters..  Kaleta looks like he’s trying really hard not to cry, and McQuaid’s just laughing, his facial expression saying “psh, yeah man.. you don’t get to be a bitch all night for free.”
Here’s a video.. Sabres’ pussies have to fight McQuaid 2-on-1, he still gets in one big punch to Kaleta’s face:

Soon after, the Sabres score one last time as the Bruins have pretty much given up.  The game ends 6-0 Sabres.  What a game!  All those non-calls on the Sabres, and calling penalties on the Bruins that they let the Sabres get away with.. they couldn’t have more perfectly defined “home-cooking” tonight.. it was total bullshit!  The Buffalo refs should be fined and/or fired for not doing their jobs and being objective!
Fuck you Buffalo refs!

So, ya.. the Bruins as a whole had an off night.  Why?  Maybe it was all because of the very red full moon that was out.  I don’t know.. they showed it on TV.. it was eerie.  Or maybe it was because the referees in Buffalo killed the sport of hockey that night.  If that Bruins goal wasn’t wrongly called off, we would’ve had the momentum.  Even without giving us that goal, we still could’ve come back.. we’ve done it plenty of times before.. but the never-ending bullshit from the refs left the Bruins unmotivated.. except to fight anyone we could.  So the Sabres can blame the refs for getting their asses kicked all night.
Great job Buffalo refs, you’ve successfully defiled your sport!

Well, you know what they say: “If you can’t beat them, beat them up!”  I’m pretty sure that’s what the Bruins say.. and, we did!

Here’s a video recap (without all the good stuff shown in videos above):

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