Tom Brady: Just One Catch Away from Being the Best QB Ever!

Giants win the Super Bowl.

Enough said.

At least the Giants fans were all really into their team, so they deserve it.. like this hardcore Giants fan:

And at least they’re not stupid.. check out this genius Giants fan:

And at least we in New England accept our mistakes, as tough as it is, and move on.. unlike Giants fans.  Take a look at this Giants fan reacting to a Superbowl loss:

[UPDATE by bost0nfire (2/9/12)…]

Alright, after almost a week, I’ve gathered the strength to talk about Super Bowl 46.  The morning after, and up until now, I’ve felt like this kid:
wondering “is this real life?”

I just couldn’t believe it, like everyone else in New England.  Especially because out of a list of plays that didn’t go our way, if any one of them had gone our way, we probably would’ve won, and Tom Brady would move up to being the best quarterback ever!  We had the potential to crush them!  *sigh*  ..but mistakes and Gronkowski’s sprained ankle plagued us.  The Giants didn’t win.. rather, the Patriots lost.

And I actually just watched the highlights and it reminded me how many great plays we actually did have.  There were so many times where it seemed like we had the game in the bag.  Even at the end, with under a minute left, it seemed like we would be able to get a touchdown for the win.  We drop a couple of passes, then it was 4th and 16 with about 30 seconds.. yet we make a great play to Deion Branch for a 1st down.  Then Hernandez makes a great catch that’s almost on the ground for another 1st down.  But with no time-outs left we had to rush.  We tried a sideline pass to Branch, who caught it, but they said he didn’t have both feet in bounds.  So it came down to a hail mary..  It bounces of some hands, Gronkowski almost gets it before it hits the ground, but doesn’t..  That’s the game.  On a side note, I thought they would’ve run more no-huddle offense, and I don’t know why they didn’t.  It definitely would’ve made it harder on the Giants’ defense.  Readers, do you think they should’ve run more hurry-up offense, or do you think not using it much was the better way to go?

Here’s a video of the Super Bowl 46 highlights:

As a result of the Giants’ win, their fans’ eyes glazed over with the feeling of victory and “Boston sucks” started flying out of their mouths quicker than it took them to forget how little this win means compared to our wins and our legacy.. and how much luck helped them win, this time and last.  Listen Giants fans, enjoy your heckling, because it’s only funny to us..  Your small minds can’t even fathom how much material we would have to heckle you if we won.  And props to Gisele for defending Brady.. and knowing what she’s talking about (even though what she said may not be entirely true).. that’s a good woman.  Anyways, I’d like to point out some things to remind Giants fans why they were able to come out with a win and why they are still so far from being better than the Patriots, Brady, Boston, etc.  It’s just going to be some notes because even now, I don’t really want to talk about this game anymore..

Why the Giants won:

-Gronkowski, who just set the record for most touchdowns in a season by a tight end, had a sprained ankle.  If he was healthy, we would’ve had dramatically better chances of winning.  He’s a friggin machine!  He probably could’ve won it alone.

-Kevin Faulk, who is a beast, didn’t play at all.  He would’ve made a big difference too.

-The Patriots roster included 18 undrafted free agents! ..and 8 of them were starters!!  This is part of the reason why Bill Belichick was so calm about the loss.. He probably didn’t really think they’d get so far.. yet.. it was a transition year.. he’s rebuilding, mainly the defense.. and we actually filled some holes and look better going into next year than we did coming into this one.  We’re only getting stronger!

-The lame “12 men on the field” call against us right after we made a great defensive play to strip the ball and gain possession.  If you’re going to call that on us after we stripped the ball and the play had finished, then shouldn’t we get that time back on the clock?  That’s like letting a team score a touchdown, then calling “false start” on them afterwards.  Either let play continue and don’t make the call, or make the call and stop the friggin clock!

-Brady got hurt in the 3rd quarter when he got sacked and landed on his shoulder, aggravating a previous sprain (which is why they had Brian Hoyer warm).  After this, Brady was not only playing in pain, but he was shaken and didn’t really play like himself from then on.

Brady gets sacked, aggravates shoulder sprain

-Brady made some bad plays that normally doesn’t:

-The “intentional grounding” on his first play.  It was a bad decision, but damn, I’ve never heard of such lame rules in a sport.. not talking about the grounding, but about how the Giants get 2 points for the safety AND get the ball back AND we have to free-kick it.  I know that’s the rules for the Super Bowl but it seems a bit ridiculous.

-The dropped pass to Wes Welker.  The blame is on both of them, not one!  There’s blame on Welker because the ball hit his hands, so you’d think that would mean he catches it like he does 99.9% of the time.  However, there’s blame on Brady because out of 195 passes to Welker this season, he never once did a back-shoulder throw (a pass that was over his shoulder and high like that).  This was late in the game when Brady was shaken though, so I’m not overly mad at him.  If this catch is made, though, statisticians say there would be a 95% chance that the Patriots win the game.  So it’s pretty tough for Patriots fans, but take a look at how close Tom Brady was to being the best QB ever:

-The interception on the pass to Gronkowski.  As soon as I saw Brady throw a deep ball like this, my heart sank.  There was no need for it, and when he did that recently against the Ravens, it was intercepted.  Well, this pass seemed rushed like that one.. same thing.

-On our final drive in the last minute, Deion Branch should’ve had that catch.. but partially made up for it with his next catch.

-On that same drive, Aaron Hernandez probably could’ve had his catch too.. he also sort of made up for it with his next catch.

-Fumble after fumble, which our defense actually improved enough to be causing, just didn’t bounce our way.  If we recovered any one of them, the game would’ve changed completely.

Why the Patriots/Tom Brady/Boston are still the best:

-At one point in the game, Tom Brady had the highest QB rating of any QB in a Super Bowl ever (it was something like 144)!!  He also set a new record for the most consecutive completions in a Super Bowl (16).  Those are his feats in the Super Bowl, but he’s done so much more..  Over two seasons (2003-04), he helped set the record for the longest consecutive win streak in NFL history with 21 straight wins, and in 2007 he led the Patriots to the first undefeated regular season since the institution of the 16-game schedule.  He also holds records for the most touchdown passes in a single regular season (50); highest touchdown-to-interception ratio in a single season (9:1); highest single-game completion percentage, regular season or postseason (26/28, 92.9%); most consecutive pass attempts without an interception (358); most consecutive regular-season home wins (31); highest winning percentage of any quarterback during his first 100 starts (76 wins); most completions in one Super Bowl (32); longest streak of games with 3 or more touchdown passes (10 games); and most career completions in Super Bowl history (127), most career yards in Super Bowl history (1,275), most touchdown passes in a quarter (5); most touchdown passes in a half of a playoff game (5), and most touchdown passes in a playoff game (6, tied).

Patriots' Wes Welker fights off a takle from Giants' Michael Boley in Super Bowl 46

The Patriots' Wes Welker fights off a takle from the Giants' Michael Boley in Super Bowl 46.

-Wes Welker led the league this year with 122 catches.  It was his 4th consecutive year with 100+ receptions, which tied the NFL record.  What’s more, his 99-yard touchdown early in the season tied the NFL record for longest play from scrimmage.  That’s this year, but like Brady, there’s much more..  He led the league in receptions in 2007 and 2009 too.  He also had three consecutive 110-reception seasons, and is the only receiver in NFL history with at least 110 receptions in any three seasons.  He also tied the Super Bowl record of 11 receptions the last time we met the Giants in the Super Bowl.  Since joining the Patriots in 2007, he has caught more passes than any player in the league, and ranks in the top five in yardage.  He reached 500 receptions with the Patriots in just 70 games, another NFL record.

-Rob Gronkowski shattered tight end records this year..  In our playoff game against the Broncos, he tied the NFL post-season record, catching three touchdown passes as part of a 10-catch, 145-yard effort.  Over this season, he also set new single-season records for tight ends for most receiving touchdowns (17), most total touchdowns (18), and most receiving yards (1,327).

-“The Boston TE Party” (Rob Gronkowski–Aaron Hernandez tight end tandem) – these two tight ends are amazing..  They are the first pair of tight ends in NFL history to catch 5 touchdown passes in consecutive seasons with the same team.  What’s even more incredible is that this year they also set NFL records for yardage, receptions, and touchdowns by tight ends on one team, combining for 169 receptions, 2,237 yards, and 24 touchdowns. The previous records for receptions and yards by tight ends on a single team was set in 1984 by the San Diego Chargers, who had four tight ends combine for 163 receptions and 1,927 yards.

-Brady and Belichick hold sole possession of the NFL record for postseason wins by a QB-coach combo with 16.

-If the Giants are so great, then why were the Patriots able to score 17 unanswered points in the Super Bowl, as well as put together their best drive all season?

-Last time I checked, 3 rings (for Tom Brady/Bill Belichick) is more than 2 rings (for Eli Manning/Tom Coughlin).

-Patriots went to the Super Bowl 5 times in 10 years.. Giants only went twice.

-Patriots are one of only seven teams to win 2 consecutive Super Bowls.. Giants are not.

-Patriots won the Super Bowl 3 out of 4 years.. Giants won 2 times, 4 years apart.

-Patriots have gone to the Super Bowl 7 times.. Giants have gone 5 times.

-Last, but most important, Boston sports teams have won 7 championships in 10 years, with all four teams accounted for!


So there’s the facts.  On paper, and in the books, the Patriots are unbelievable.. but luck, injuries, and a few mistakes took from us what should’ve and easily could’ve been another Super Bowl win.. which would’ve made Tom Brady the best quarterback ever, and Brady/Belichick the best QB-coach tandem ever.  But keep that chin up New England!  As I said earlier, this was basically a transition year, trying to rebuild the defense.. and we filled in some of the gaps pretty well, so next year will only be better!

Also, I want to say that there is still very much credit due to Bill Belichick for what he was able to do with this team.. He took 18 undrafted free agents, players that no other team wanted, with 8 of them starters, and the 31st ranked defense, and somehow made it work.. to the point where they got to the Super Bowl.. and almost won!

Here’s some accomplishments to be happy about:
-We got revenge the Broncos.. and destroyed them.
-We got revenge on Ravens.
-We set a bunch of records this year and in the Super Bowl.
-We got to, and almost won, the Super Bowl with the 18 undrafted free agents and the
31st ranked defense (and our defense actually improved a lot).

Now with this loss, everyone wants to point fingers.  While Brady has some blame on him, there’s enough to go around the whole team.. and staff.. so don’t put this all on him!  For each of those dropped passes, the throw could’ve been a bit better, but the receiver probably should’ve still caught it.  Additionally, the staff should probably have some blame too for a few of their decisions.. like why not let the Giants score sooner when they were on their last drive so we had more time to score.  Everyone on the team and staff is involved in why we lost, so let’s just move on from trying to find a scapegoat.

I’d like to conclude by reiterating that this win DOES NOT make Eli Manning better than Tom Brady.  I’ll admit, there’s a chance that Manning could get there at some point in his career.. maaaaaybe.. but right now, hell no!  For evidence, see the “Why the Patriots/Tom Brady/Boston are still the best” section above.  So suck it Eli Manning and suck it Giants fans!  This will only make it that much sweeter when Tom Brady beats you guys in the Super Bowl a few years down the road.. and if it’s another four years, it may be Brady’s last, which would just make it that much more epic.  So Giants, if you really think you’re good, get there again and give us a rematch!

I now leave you with a picture that Patriots fans can feel good about..
Patrick Chung destroys Hakeem Nicks:

Patrick Chung demolishes Hakeem Nicks (Super Bowl 46)

Thanks for reading,


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  1. toosoxy says:

    I am sorry for your loss. You won the soup contest, though. People polled whether Manhattan Chowder or New England chowder is better- and New England won. I think that should TOTALLY make you feel better.

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