Legacy Sunday

Patriots look to continue a dynasty that began a decade ago – Belichick and Brady with chance to go down in history as game’s all-time best.

Why the hell is the over/under on this game 55 points? Can anyone explain this to me??

This one is going to be close in the fourth quarter, and the winner isn’t going to need more than 27 points. Even that may be too high.

Look, its the Super Bowl – there’s a lot on the line, and both teams are going to be a little more hesitant to air it out. Believe it or not, the Patriots play pretty solid defense, especially in the red zone. The Giants are solid as well, especially up front. Don’t be surprised to see each team punt on the first few possessions before they settle in and execute on offense.


New York – a town of football jack-offs.

(Yes – this is a real photograph)

Lets be honest – we understand if this means everything to you New York.
I mean, it’s rare that one of your nine pro teams (New Jersey counts, right?) makes it to the title game. With seven pro titles in the past decade, this whole Super Bowl deal has become just another event for us in Boston. So we say, enjoy it guys. Welcome to the big time.

At the same time, it should still sting a tad to know that two of the three Super Bowl titles in Giants history were directly won by our head coach, Bill Belichick. His game plan for Super Bowl XXV, NOT Parcells’, is in Canton – and its a well known fact that Belichick schemed Lawrence Taylor to the top and that the Fat Tuna never won jack without the hooded prince. As for Sunday, it will be next to impossible to duplicate the luckiest play in the history of sports (Tyree’s helmet catch). So, good luck with that.
And your favorite hick son Eli? One solid season does not make a hall of famer. As of today, he’s Trent Dilfer with a goofy haircut and a Southern twang.

Don’t believe me? Here are entirely true facts to support this sentiment:
The Giants have fielded two of the worst Super Bowl contenders in history based on regular season scoring differential. PERIOD.
2011 Giants are the first regular season team to reach the Super Bowl after a year in which they surrendered more points (400) than they scored (394) in the regular season

2007 Giants were the fifth worst of all-time with a +22 point differential
-Cold, Hard Football Facts


No huddle?? No problem!!

Patriots fans have seen it all season: When the going gets tough, the no-huddle offense gets going. And nobody runs it better than Tom Brady. You’ve read enough about how awesome the Giants’ front four (and actually more than four) are, but how soon until one or more of them fakes an injury to slow down the Patriots hurry-up offense?

Its been the closest thing to automatic that the Patriots have – and if Rob Gronkowski is in there with Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez, and Deion Branch (Chad Ochocinco?) and the O-line is holding strong, he’ll find his man. Look for that often!


Revenge, no. Legacy, yes.

Football is a team sport. Fact.

But its also a fact that while it means the world to each and every player on each team, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are each working on a legacy that could be remembered in football as the best of all-time.

The numbers say that they are already the best quarterback-coach tandem in NFL history. Brady will always be considered one of the best, but he’ll need a fourth Super Bowl ring to be considered THE best. Same goes for Belichick, who currently trails Chuck Noll by one ring.

Is this the year that it all comes together? We will all find out together on Sunday.

See you then.


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One Response to Legacy Sunday

  1. bost0nfire says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself..
    “Welcome to the big time” ..Indeed! This is Boston sports baby! This is what we do!
    And about Eli Manning, saying he’s just “Trent Dilfer with a goofy haircut and a Southern twang”
    And ya, good luck catching the ball with your helmet again.. watch, they’ll trying to.. and faking injuries to slow us down. Haha.. I can’t wait!

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