Bruins Destroy Goalies

Ryan Miller has become Miller Lite

Ryan Miller: Before and After the Bruins destroyed him.

In this post, I wanted to talk a bit about how it seems like the Bruins destroy goalies.  I don’t mean we physically destroy them, although, we do that too..  Rather, I’m talking about how we psychologically destroy them.  There are a number of elite goalies in the league, but for the most part, they seem to get a little freaked out when they play us.. and they sometimes stay freaked out after playing us and their performance drops.

In particular, I’m thinking of the goalies that we faced in the Playoffs last year.  First, there’s the Canadiens’ Carey Price.  I almost feel bad for him since he’s young and still pretty new in the league and is already probably the most hated goalie in the NHL.. not because people all over hate him, but because Boston fans do.. and we hate hard.  We started the “Carey, Carey” jeer pretty much as soon as we knew his name and that he was playing for the Habs.  Anyways, we tore him up in the post-season..  Now, this season, he’s sucking, and the Habs as a team are really sucking hard.

Next, we took on the Flyers.  Their goalies were Brian Boucher and Sergei Bobrovsky.  I don’t need to say much here.. we crushed them.. revenge for taking us out of the Playoffs the season before after we won the first three games..  We swept them in four games and it was completely one-sided the whole time.  I almost though we were playing a youth hockey team for a minute.  So, I’m pretty sure we made these two goalies feel pretty useless.  Then, this season, the Flyers started off playing pretty poorly.. and they even got rid of Boucher.. and you can see Bobrovsky was still a bit shaken.

Horton score game-winning goal on Roloson in Game 7 of 2011 Eastern Conference Championship

Bruins' Nathan Horton scores the game-winning goal on Lightning's Dwayne Roloson in Game 7 of the 2011 Eastern Conference Championship.

Now we’d gotten to the Eastern Conference Championship, where we fought the Lightning.  Their goalie, Dwayne Roloson did put up a decent fight.. but I think it’s about time for him to retire.  I’m not sure, but at age 42, he may be the oldest player in the league.  Anyways, we beat them, and Nathan Horton’s game-winning goal in overtime was so sweet..  Roloson had left a huge opening on one side of the net.  The Bolts were one goal from going to the Stanley Cup finals.. so you know that last goal haunts him.  This season, it definitely showed.  He was not up to par at all and they’ve been using their other goalie a lot.  The team in general has been terrible this season.. and it’s really surprising because of how far they got last year.. plus, they now have Steven Stamkos.  Oooooooo.. he’s sooooo goooood!  Psh!

This brings up a side-note: I am absolutely PISSED at EA Games for putting him on the cover of NHL 12 (video game)!  He was a Canuck at the time, and everyone did think of them as amazing, and he was considered one of the best.. but c’mon!  The Canucks LOST in the finals.. and that last game, it was just sad how much they’d giving up.  So, what the hell were you thinking EA Games?!  The Canucks played like shit.. neither the team, nor Stamkos himself lived up to their reputation.. meanwhile, the Bruins, who were big underdogs, yet managed to win their first Stanley Cup in almost four decades!  The cover of NHL 12 should’ve had a Bruin on it.. and I would say Tim Thomas is the most deserving.. if not Tyler Seguin, Brad Marchand, or Zdeno Chara.

Moving on, we went to the Stanley Cup Finals against the Canucks.  Their “star” goalie is Roberto Luongo.  He is the only person that can whine as much as Ryan Miller.  However, I don’t think I’ve seen Miller cry like Luongo did.  Anyways, we demolished the Canucks, and him specifically.  One of the coolest things that happened in this seven game series was with our home games.. we dedicated each one to a different Bruins player whose number has been retired.  The cool part was that one Bobby Orr (#4) night, we won with four goals (4-0).. and on Cam Neely (#8) night, we won with eight goals (8-1)!  So ya, we scored on Luongo a lot!  In the seven games, the Canucks scored 8 goals, while the Bruins scored 23 goals!  That stat alone should tell you something about both their goalie and ours.  Luongo played poorly then, and even worse this season because, following the theme of this post, we destroyed him!

I forget if they put in their backup goalie Cory Schneider during the series, but they’ve sure been using him a lot this season.  I just wanted to bring him up because he’s from my hometown of Marblehead, MA and I give him props for making it as a goalie in the NHL, for being able to play against Boston without going easy on them (even though he grew up a Bruins fan), and for actually being a pretty skilled goalie.  From what I’ve seen of him this season, he looks to be playing better than Luongo.. especially in the one regular season game we have against the Canucks.. in which they started him rather than Luongo and he played quite well.  Luongo said it had nothing to do with how much the Bruins had beaten on him last year..  Ya, I’ll believe that when my shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.  (If you know where I got that line, props to you!)  So, I think it’s pretty obvious that Luongo was psychologically scarred by the Bruins.

Side-note: It’s lame that the Bruins and Canucks only play each other once per regular season.  After last year, this has become a new rivalry.. and a huge one at that.  The one time we played them this year was the most intense game of the season, probably anywhere in the league.  The NHL really needs to have us meet more than once per year!

Boston Bruins' forward Milan Lucic collides with Buffalo Sabres' goaltender Ryan Miller after racing to a loose puck.

Bruins' forward Milan Lucic flattens Sabres' goaltender Ryan Miller as they collide after racing to a loose puck.

Last, and least, we come to the Sabres’ goalie Ryan Miller.  While we didn’t get the chance to beat him up in a seven game series, we did play them a lot in the regular season (and still do) since they’re in our division.  Miller, like the others, was supposed to be one of the best.  Well, we’ve been scoring on him plenty, last year and more importantly, this year.  The important thing from this year was when we played them early in the season.  Milan Lucic was on a breakaway, but had pushed the puck a bit far out in front of him.  So, Miller decides to come waaaaay out of his net to knock the puck away from him.  BIG MISTAKE!  I kind of feel bad for him because he obviously had no idea what he was getting himself into.  If he did know, then what the hell were you thinking, man?!

So, they collided of course..  The Bruins are a very physical team.. so they’re not going to go out of their way to avoid hitting an opponent, especially an arrogant, whiny little bitch like Miller.  So, Miller got laid out!  Since then, he too has lost his game and has been getting benched often.

So there’s the facts.  From them, I conclude that the Bruins somehow have the uncanny ability to send goalies to the bench crying.  We’re a goalie-killing machine!

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