Let’s Watch the Bruins (1/24/12: Bruins @ Capitals)

1/24/12: Bruins at Capitals - Final Score (5-3 Capitals)

Alright, here we go.. one more game before the All-Star break.. visiting the Capitals..  Let’s watch…

Ok, we seem to be controlling the game, for the most part.. spending more time on the offensive than not.  Tuukka Rask is making some big saves.  Rich Peverley with some nice puck handling to get around opponents, tries to pass it to Milan Lucic.. one of the Caps tried to block the pass and ended up putting the puck in the goal.  Don’t feel bad, man, Lucic would’ve scored anyways.  Ok, good first period.

Now in the second period, one of the Caps slips the puck past Rask.. Rask had a piece of it, but it rolled over his shoulder into the goal.  That’s one that he should’ve had, and normally does.  Ugh.. less than a minute later, the Caps’ Mathieu Perreault gets a nice pass and scores.  Now the Caps lead 2-1.
Now the Caps’ Jason Chimera was jamming at the puck when Rask clearly had it..  So, Zdeno Chara and Adam McQuaid rough him up a bit (and he hit back too).. and I love how we somehow came out with a penalty for shoving.. which happens in that situation all the time without penalty calls.

Tyler Seguin scores on Vokoun while falling.

Boston Bruins' Tyler Seguin scores on Washington Capitals' Tomas Vokoun while falling.

Well, at least we killed that penalty.  Now Tyler Seguin just scored an amazing goal.  He made a real smart choice to go where he did and intercept that pass.  Then he managed to loft the puck over the Caps’ goalie Tomas Vokoun while falling.  Narsty moves dude!  Now it’s tied 2-2.
Damn, now Perreault just stole a pass, got a breakaway, and put the Caps ahead 3-2.  While the first period was mostly ours, now it seems to be going back and forth.
Ok, we’re on the power play now, let’s convert it to a goal..  Some big saves by Vokoun..  Wooooooo!  Brad Marchand scores off of a rebound!  He had a nice move too.. in a split second, he kicked the puck over to where he could shoot it and did.  We tie it up again at 3-3, which remained the score through the end of the second period.
A TV announcer later described the move as “kick, push.”  Someone with a recording of the game should totally make a remix video of the goal and the announcer saying that to the song “Kick Push” by Lupe Fiasco.

Onto the third period..  There’s lots of fast-paced back and forth and physical play.. “furious play” as an announcer put it.  Haha.. Caps defenseman Dmitry Orlov just ran right into Benoit Pouliot to check him.. instead, he got flattened himself!  Dude, Orlov, just because you got laid out when you were the one trying to check Pouliot, it doesn’t give you the right to go smack Chara in the face with your stick, bitch!  You’re lucky Chara took the penalty rather than knocking you out.  Don’t ever let me see that shit again, buddy.   ; )
Faaaaaaaaahhhhk!  ..Perreault just got a hat-trick.  Now the Caps’ are up 4-3.  Good job buddy, but not all the credit goes to you.. Rask had an off night.. and to an extent, I think the rest of the team did too.  Most of the Caps’ scoring came from sloppy play on the Bruins’ part or goals that would’ve normally been saved by Rask.
Now crowd is all excited about an Interference penalty called on Chara for checking Alexander Semin in front of the goal.  No, Washington, no!  Semin’s fall was a dive if I’ve ever seen one.. and props/thanks to the refs for also calling the Diving penalty on him.
Well, time is running out and we’re still down by one..  The Bruins are getting some good scoring chances, but the Caps are keeping the pressure on.  Ok, we pulled Rask to get the extra man on offense..  Hahahahahaaaaaaaa.. wow.. good for you Dennis Wideman (he just scored an empty-net goal from the Caps’ end).. you deserve it.  Especially since I recently mentioned your sub-par performance when you were with the Bruins.  The best part is, he wasn’t even going for the goal, just trying to clear puck out of their zone..  That was some of the awesomeness of the Bruins rubbing off on you since you used to be one.

So, the Caps won 5-3.  It was still a great game though.. very action packed.. and the Bruins did have some good-looking plays, and Rask did have some big saves.. but overall, we just weren’t up to par and the Caps played better.

This brings up a couple of points though.  First, I’d like to talk about Rask’s style.  While I really hate to question it, especially when he’s one of the best goalies out there, I’m just wondering why he comes so far out of the goal, and even the crease.  I understand about cutting down the angle on an oncoming shooter, but when his teammate is on the other side of you, wouldn’t it make more sense not to leave that huge opening and sit back?  As I said, I really hate to pose a question like this, but from an outsider’s perspective, it seems like Rask (or any goalie) would make more saves when multiple opponents are closing in by staying in net to see where the shot’s coming from.  I’m guessing goalies feel more comfortable closing down the angle on whoever has the puck than waiting, which would leave them less time to react..  It’s just frustrating to see your goalie get scored on like this (with a last-minute pass to the other side of the goal).

The other point I wanted to make was that the Caps had three of their top players benched for this game.  One of these players was Alex Ovechkin, who is one of the best players/scorers/play-makers in the league (although not so much this season).

Side-note about Ovechkin: He missed the game because he is serving a 3 game suspension.  He is also refusing to participate in the All-Star game and events.  That’s totally lame and selfish, man.  Maybe he though the NHL would want him there so bad they would cancel his suspension.  If so, he’s wicked arrogant.. and lately, he doesn’t really have any reason to be.

So, anyways, even without some of their top players, the Caps managed to beat a very hot Bruins team.  This shows that Ovechkin and their top guys aren’t carrying the team anymore like they used to.. not that they had been this season..  The Caps have actually been pretty far below where they normally are.  They have climbed back up the standings recently though.. but they’re still far enough behind, at least for now, that they need to lead their division.. which the Panthers have had for most of the year and are still putting up a fight for.  So, the Caps definitely needed this win.. and I congratulate them.. while reminding them that the Bruins didn’t play as well as they could’ve.    :P

Here’s a video recap of the game:

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