Patriots Win AFC Championship

Patriots: 2012 AFC Champions

The Patriots hold up their Lamar Hunt Trophy as 2012 AFC Champions.

This past Sunday the New England Patriots took on the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship to see who would go to Super Bowl XLVI.  The Patriots won 23-20!  I’m writing because I’m excited that we’re going to our 5th Super Bowl in a decade and because we get the chance to get revenge on the New York Giants for beating us the last time we went to the Super Bowl!

Rob Gronkowski: Unstoppable!

Rob Gronkowski drags his defender for extra yards, as usual.

Before I continue, I’d like to respond to the big discussion that has resulted from the AFC Championship..  The Ravens camp is accusing the Patriots of conspiracy and cheating.  C’mon guys, really?  You know this is just a “we didn’t lose because we were the worse team” excuse.  If the Patriots lost, I’m sure there would be people here accusing them of something.. that’s just how losing in pro sports goes.. anyone is a sore loser in a big game.  So people, please to buy into this conspiracy theory.  They claim we had the wrong down on the scoreboard, or the wrong yardage or something..  Admittedly, there was a lot of confusion at the end of the game, but it was not cheating!  The Giants thought they might’ve had a 1st down when they fumbled out of bounds, but they didn’t.  So they went for a touchdown pass.. the pass was incomplete!  The Ravens camp also claims this should’ve counted as a catch.. and even I thought so.. until I looked more closely at the replay..  The ball was stripped from the receiver’s hands before he had both feet down with control of the ball.. no catch.  So then with about 15 seconds left, they decided to go for a field goal to tie the game and go to overtime..  They miss the 27 yard field goal!  With only seconds left on the clock and the ball now in the Patriots posession, the game was ours!
But Ravens camp, listen, don’t be blaming your confusing and bad play calling on cheating!  If you look back at the Ravens’ first field goal in the game, the kicker came on the field with like 25 seconds on the play clock..  Now if you look at this field goal attempt at the end of the game, you’ll see that the kicker came on the field with only about 11 seconds on the play clock!  So why did the kicker miss that field goal?  Well, besides all of the pressure, it was totally rushed!  This is not the Patriots’ fault!  The Ravens could easily have called a time-out amid all the confusing to get themselves set.  This was a completely legitimate Patriots win!

Tom Brady gets airborne for a touchdown.

Tom Brady does a QB sneak, jumps over the pile.

So, in weeks, we take on the Giants for a chance to win our 4th Super Bowl in a decade and to get some sweet, sweet revenge.  I will admit that I’m nervous because the Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning has really stepped up his game this year, and the Patriots’ defense is still pretty weak.. though they have improved over the last few games.  So I’m not going to predict we’ll crush them, or vice versa, and it’s too hard to predict a score.. what I am pretty sure of, though, is that it will be a very intense and close game, with a whole lot of emotion and adrenaline, the kind of game that makes a great Super Bowl.. it will definitely be one for the ages.

Go Patriots!!

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