Bruins vs. Rangers and Flyers

So the Bruins just played the Rangers and the Flyers and they were both great games..

1/21/12: Bruins vs Rangers - Final Score (3-2 Rangers in OT)

Bruins vs. Rangers:
Firstly, I was surprised that the Bruins started Tuukka Rask in net.. obviously not because I don’t think he’s good, but we usually start Tim Thomas against top teams like the Rangers.  However, Rask hasn’t gotten a whole lot of play time, and his stats for this season are amazing.. I think he’s still leading in the important stats.  He had something like a 0.93 GAA going into the game.. just checked, now its 1.69 and he dropped down to 2nd best, but he’s still the best in Save % with .943.  I also want to add that he played really well, especially considering it was against one of the top teams in the league.
Next, I want to mention Andrew Ference’s goal.  It was great, he was looking like he was a forward..  He drove to the net, got a perfect pass from David Krejci, brought it to his backhand and lifted the shot.  Props to you Ference!
On a side-note, it’s totally lame that the NHL suspended Ference for 3 games for boarding in overtime.  The guy he hit, Ryan McDonagh, didn’t even hit his head, which is where most suspensions come from.  Ya he hit the boards hard, but he was fine, so wtf?  Well, according to the rule about boarding, they can do this on pretty much any hit against the boards.. it says the penalty is for any hit that causes the victim to hit the boards violently or dangerously.  This seems kind of stupid to me.. I agree this penalty should be used for when a player really tries to hurt an opponent, but this was pretty much a normal check into the boards.  I’m all for protecting the players, but at the same time, this is hockey!  Hard-hitting, fighting, and all physical play are what make this sport unique and exciting to watch, in my opinion.  They’ve been talking about taking more and more of this away from the game..  If they end up taking this all out of the NHL, true hockey will cease to exist and we’ll be left with team cricket on ice.  Please don’t ever do that NHL!  PLEASE!
Now back to the rest of the game..  I wanted to congradulate Adam McQuaid on his first goal in 28 games!  Great shot buddy!  What’s even cooler is he knocked a pass out of the air to control the puck right before shooting.  He’s definitely got skills!  Next, at the end of regulation, Milan Lucic hitting one of their guys in the face and the shoving match that followed were certainly enjoyable.  Then, in overtime, we got that bullshit penalty on Ference, which was a 5 minute major.. so we had to do the last few minutes of overtime down a man (4 on 3).  It’s an amazing feat if you can kill a few minutes of penalty time with only 3 players..  Well, we held it down till only a few seconds remained..  Rask made a few bag saves one after another, but the Rangers finally managed to get one by him with 3 seconds left!  AAAAAARRGGHH!  We lose 3-2.
It was definitely a tough way to lose.. especially since we were only 3 seconds away from going to a shootout that I think we could’ve won.  So I just wanted to say that I feel we were the better team even though we lost in overtime..  There were so many times where we took a bunch of shots in succession and it seemed like at least one of them should’ve gone in.. like Rich Peverley’s bad-angle shot off the post.. aaaarrggh.. so close.  Oh well, as I said, we were still the better team (at least by a little bit, because the Rangers are definitely a top team) and we did play well.. and we did get one point for going to overtime.. so, let’s move on.

1/22/12: Bruins at Flyers - Final Score (6-5 Bruins in SO)

Bruins vs. Flyers:
This was another great game.. it was intense, back and forth, fast-paced action the whole time, with each teams scoring five goals in regulation.  There were also some frustration visits to their end of the ice where we had shot after shot that just wouldn’t go in.  Also notable was when a Bruins player checked a Flyers player in front of their goal and he went flying.. in a diving fashion, that is.  He totally acted it, so I was pissed when they called a penalty on the Bruins!  However, I guess the NHL made up for it because they then also called a diving penalty on them.
Now about the scoring..  The Flyers’ Scott Hartnell got a hat-trick.. good for you buddy..  The Bruins’ players don’t get as many hat-tricks, but it’s for a great reason.. it’s because we have more depth on our team than pretty much any other team.  In other words, our 4th line is better than most teams’ 2nd line..  Sometimes our 2nd or 3rd lines are even better than other teams’ 1st line.  Basically, we have a lot of good players, unlike most other top teams that have only a few really good players.  It works out better for us because we can just send wave after wave of high quality play at an opponent, while the type of team I just mentioned can only throw a tidal wave at an opponent, followed by several little ripples.  So, I’m ok with not getting hat-tricks because we win.. plus being able to say that we had five different players score goals is pretty cool.  Oh and Tyler Seguin pretty much did have a hat-trick.  He scored two goals for the Bruins during regulation.. then, when it was still tied after overtime, he scored the game-winning goal the shootout!  We won 6-5!

These were two great games and I just can’t get enough of these Bruins!  Keep it up guys!  Now it’s on to the nation’s capital to kick ass one more time before the All-Star break!

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