Zdeno Chara, All-Star Team Captain

Bruins' Zdeno Chara sets record with his 105.4 mph slapshot in 2009.  He raised it to 105.9 mph the next year.

Bruins' Zdeno Chara sets a new Skills Competition record with his 105.4 mph slapshot at the 57th NHL All-Star event. He raised it to 105.9 mph the next year.

The 2012 All-Star rosters have been finalized.  Representing the Bruins: Zdeno Chara will be one of the team captains, Tim Thomas will be one of the goalies (I think I heard he’s starting), and Tyler Seguin (who was a write-in) will be one of the forwards.

First, I’d like to say that there are other Bruins who are top players that I fell should’ve gotten more votes.  Yes, Seguin is nasty, but there are other Bruins that are more experienced and all around important in a game.  I’m thinking of one person in particular: Patrice Bergeron, the most under-rated player in the NHL!  He is the man!  If you pay attention to a Bruins game, you’ll see he makes HUGE plays on both sides of the ice!  He will sprint the entire length of the rink just to stop an opponent or a goal against us.. we’ve seen it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRtZUPYJHrE).  I don’t know the exact stats, but we win something like twice as much when he’s playing than when he’s sitting out.  So ya, just wanted to give him a shout-out.  We love having him here and I hope he never leaves.

The other thing I wanted to mention regarding the All-Star events is a bit of hilarity I heard from an interview with Chara.  He was asked if he would pick ex-Bruin Phil Kessel..  He replied: “someone has to be last.”  LOL!  Chara is also the man!  Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Of course Kessel did get picked for the All-Star game because he is one of the leading goal scorers, but he’s nowhere near as good or valuable to a team as people think he is.  Sure he can shoot, that’s great, but that’s all he cares about.  I’ve seen him take very low-percentage-chance shots rather than pass it to a teammate standing in front of an open net on the other side.  More importantly, though, he doesn’t play defense!  He just wants to be a top scorer, that’s his only focus.. but this is a team sport, and these are the reasons we got rid of him.
While I’ll admit he has improved on these issues a bit this year, I still don’t like him..  So, I’ll end with a little jab at him:  I’d like to point out that he has yet to score against the Bruins since leaving the team.. and he never will!

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